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Cat’s Adorable Attempt to Get Inside Home Wins the Internet [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A black cat from Hawaii amusingly channels its inner “panther” in a TikTok video, trying to get back into its home after being accidentally locked out.
  • The heartwarming clip, shared by user Virgovanny, has gone viral with over 324,500 views and 54,400 likes, sparking joy and laughter among viewers.
  • Veterinarians advise keeping cats indoors for safety, but this video serves as a light-hearted reminder to always check the back door for our furry friends waiting to come in.

It’s not every day that we see a cat channel its inner “panther” to get inside a house. But for one black cat from Hawaii, it was a mission that brought joy and laughter to thousands online.

Historically, wildcats had to brave the elements and search for their food in the wilderness. These days, our domesticated feline friends are accustomed to the cozy warmth of a home and regular meals. So, it’s no wonder they might be a tad flummoxed if accidentally locked out!

In a heartwarming and humorous clip shared by its owner on TikTok under the username Virgovanny, the cat, trying its best panther impression, can be seen jumping at the door, perhaps hoping its human would come to its rescue.

The caption hilariously reads, “I accidentally locked my cat outside,” and further comments, “The grip on the door kills me.”

It’s true that some cats revel in outdoor escapades, chasing after birds or soaking up the sun. However, veterinarians do recommend the safety of keeping them indoors to shield them from potential hazards, from the rush of speeding vehicles to the possible tiffs with other territorial cats.


This delightful video struck a chord on TikTok, garnering over 324,500 views and receiving 54,400 likes.

Fans couldn’t hold back their amusement, with one user, Mhhhhmmm, chuckling, “Bro is not about that outdoor life.”

Princess Daisy humorously noted, “Kitty literally says open the door, Francine.”

Meanwhile, dyls, misreading the situation at first, said: “I didn’t read the caption at first and thought it was a loose panther lol.”

Other TikTok users joined in with their own cheeky comments.

Angel humorously chimed in: “Aye fam. Let meow me in meow.”


While AmericanBull warned playfully: “Open the door now or I’m going to throw rocks through your window.”

From this heartwarming episode, it’s evident that not only do our pets bring immense joy to our lives, but they also create delightful memories and stories that can be shared with the world.

It serves as a gentle reminder to always check the back door for any furry family members that might be waiting to be let in!