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Cat’s Hilarious Reaction To New Food



Quick Smiles:

  • Cat unimpressed with new food flavor
  • Video captures hilarious reaction
  • Over 800,000 views and relatable comments

A cat named Lucky has made it crystal clear that she’s not a fan of a new flavor of pet food served to her. The resulting video has left viewers laughing out loud!

Americans are known for pampering their pets and treating them like family. A 2021 survey of 2,000 pet owners by OnePoll on behalf of the pet food brand I And Love And You found that 61 percent of respondents considered their pet to be their child. Moreover, 29 percent even throw birthday parties for their furry friends.


We tried new flavor today and of course she didn’t like it! #viral #fyp #cat #luckythegreencat #catcoveringfood

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Ashley Warwick, a children’s book author and illustrator, admits that her cat Lucky is a bit “spoiled.” However, she didn’t throw an elaborate birthday party for her feline friend. Instead, she shared a 14-second video clip on TikTok that captured Lucky’s reaction to a new flavor of cat food.

In the video, Lucky approaches the plate of wet food and sniffs it. Clearly unimpressed, she doesn’t even attempt to take a bite and starts scratching the floor instead. Warwick asks, “Are you all done?” as Lucky sniffs the food again and resumes her floor-scratching antics. The scratching doesn’t stop until the food is taken away.

Warwick wrote in the on-screen caption, “She tried a new flavor today and obviously didn’t like it,” adding “don’t worry she got something else…spoiled.” The video has been watched over 800,000 times, with viewers commenting on the relatability of the situation and the hilarity of Lucky’s behavior.


One viewer loved how it was an “immediate no” from Lucky, while another asked, “Is she saying this belongs in the litter box?” Another viewer said, “I take it so personal when my cat does this like I made the food myself,” and a fourth suggested this was Lucky’s way of saying, “I’d like to speak to the manager.”

Lucky definitely didn’t go hungry, but Warwick might think twice before changing her cat food again. If you have funny and adorable pet videos or pictures to share, send them to [email protected] with some details about your best friend, and they could appear in the Pet of the Week lineup.