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CCTV Catches a Very Special Passenger Taking Train All By Himself [Video]



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Quick Smiles:

  • Storm, a dog from Sydney, Australia, embarked on a solo adventure on a train during a family visit to Melbourne.
  • Metro Trains Melbourne staff noticed Storm riding alone and gave him the royal treatment before reuniting him with his owners.
  • The adventurous episode, caught on camera, stands as a charming testament to Storm’s spirit and the kindness of the Metro team.

In a recent furry tale that has captured hearts, a dog named Storm decided to take matters into his own paws.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Storm was on a family visit to Melbourne, some 500 miles away.

But for this vivacious pup, the journey wasn’t quite enough.

During their stay in Melbourne, Storm slipped out of the backyard where he was lodging with his parents.

The audacious pooch had bigger plans than merely exploring the local neighborhood.

He found his way to a nearby train station and, when a train arrived, hopped on board – all by himself!

Storm’s destination remains a mystery as his journey was cut short.


“Eventually, a metro employee noticed the dog unattended (and without a ticket), and escorted him off the train for safekeeping at a station about 20 miles away,” as revealed by the sources.

The incident was captured on video, showcasing Storm’s big adventure:

From his confident boarding to the subsequent exit under a metro employee’s care, the footage is a testament to his intrepid spirit.

Much to Storm’s fortune, the adventure only improved after his solo journey was curtailed.


“After Storm got off the train […] the Metro team gave him the royal treatment!” shared Metro Trains Melbourne.

A slight detour only added to the grand adventure for this daring canine.

The story has a tail-wagging end too.

“In paws-itive news, we were able to reunite Storm with his owners,” announced Metro Trains Melbourne.

Thus, Storm’s escapade ended just as it began, back with his family, leaving behind a whimsical tale and adding a trove of memories to his repertoire.