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Cop Halts for Roadside ‘Rock’, Snaps the Cutest Surprise Selfie Ever



Quick Smiles:

  • Officer Barnes of the California Highway Patrol had a surprise encounter on his night shift in South Lake Tahoe.
  • What he initially thought was a rock turned out to be a tiny owl, who then hopped onto his shoulder.
  • The owl stuck around long enough for an unforgettable selfie before flying off.

Officer Barnes of the California Highway Patrol was cruising through the night shift in South Lake Tahoe. His headlights picked up something on the dark road, dusted with a sprinkle of snow. It looked like a rock had rolled onto the road. Being the responsible officer he is, Barnes decided to clear the road of this potential hazard.

As he approached the object, he was in for a surprise. The “rock” was actually a little owl, just hanging out in the middle of the road. And that’s when the magic happened.

According to CHP – South Lake Tahoe, “[Barnes] bent down and picked up the small creature. The small owl promptly walked up his arm and perched on his shoulder.”

But the story doesn’t end there. This little owl wasn’t just content with a shoulder perch. No, she decided to stick around for a bit. Long enough, in fact, for Barnes to snap a selfie. And boy, did this little bird know how to pose. It was like she was ready for her close-up, giving Barnes a once-in-a-lifetime shot.

And the best part? Despite being found in the middle of the road, the little owl didn’t seem to be injured. Barnes, being the gentleman he is, convinced her it was best to move along. And move along she did.

Officials reported, “After posing for this picture, the owl flew away.”

So there you have it. A night shift that turned into a magical encounter and a selfie that will be remembered forever. Just another day in the life of Officer Barnes.