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Corgi’s Cat-Like Antics Will Make You LOL!



Quick Smiles:

  • Charismatic corgi goes viral
  • Owner shares six reasons why her corgi acts like a cat
  • Video receives over 10 million views and 580,000 likes

A captivating corgi named Graffiti has stolen the hearts with a video montage! The clips, shared on @bradythecorgi_corgis, showcase six reasons why Graffiti’s owner, Kara, believes her dog is more feline than canine.

Interestingly, 33-year-old Kara from Chicago, Illinois, revealed that Graffiti has never even been around cats. The video, captioned “My Corgi Was Probably A Cat In His Past Life”.

In the video, Graffiti purrs when petted, grooms himself like a cat, stretches with his bottom in the air, and perches high up. The video has gotten funny comments from users that seem to agree with Kara’s theory, with nearly 1,400 comments from cat owners chiming in. One user wrote, “I have 4 cats and I can confirm, that is a cat.” Another added, “I have a cat with the same colors and same sassy attitude and judgmental look.”