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Couple Adopts Pooch’s Twin and Unleashes a Surprise!



Quick Smiles:

  • Cole Bridge and Gabby Dillon adopted Lucy, a small bulldog with a big personality, from Hopalong Animal Rescue.
  • Two years later, they got a call about a dog at the shelter who was the spitting image of Lucy.
  • After a hilarious first meeting and a DNA test, it was confirmed: Lucy was the mother of the new dog, Ronnie, and the two are now inseparable.

When Cole Bridge and Gabby Dillon first brought home Lucy, their new rescue pup from Hopalong Animal Rescue, they were instantly smitten. Lucy was a little bulldog with a big heart, but she was also pretty tuckered out.

“She was so exhausted her first few days with us; she slept all day long and very, very deeply,” Bridge shared.

But, like a good Netflix series, Lucy’s true character started to reveal itself after about a week. She was sensitive, playful, and incredibly sweet.

Lucy had a rough start in life. She was found all alone in a truck yard in Oakland, California, showing signs of having recently given birth. But her puppies were MIA. Now, in the loving care of Bridge and Dillon, Lucy found her forever home.

Fast forward two years. Bridge and Dillon received a surprising call from the animal rescue. There was a new dog at the shelter who was Lucy’s doppelganger. Could it be? Could they be family?

The news hit Bridge and Dillon right in the feels.

“We were excited, but also emotional, because we’ve always talked about how sad it is that she was separated from her puppies,” Bridge confessed.


Lucy had a habit of looking under cars, as if she was searching for her lost puppies. The thought of one of her puppies being out there, alone, was too much to bear.

Before they could confirm the relationship through DNA testing, Bridge and Dillon decided to introduce Lucy to the new dog, Ronnie. The first meeting was comedy gold.

“It’s like they were looking in a mirror and both realizing how crazy that was. Then, they started hopping around each other, freezing and jumping around more … It was so clear they had their own connection that went beyond just liking each other,” Bridge recalled.

And then, the DNA results came in. It was official: Lucy was Ronnie’s mom. Cue the happy tears!

Now, Lucy and Ronnie are living their best lives together. “These two are inseparable,” said Bridge. “You can always find them laying on the couch together, smooshed up in their bed together, or following the sun around the house to snooze in the warmth.”

For Bridge and Dillon, this whole experience has been nothing short of amazing.


“After Lucy and Ronnie, there is no way that we’d ever get a dog from anywhere but a shelter,” Bridge declared. “It’s been so special to give Lucy a better life, and now we can do the same for Ronnie too.”

And that, folks, is what we call a happy ending.