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Curious Cat’s Shower Antics Will Make You Chuckle



Quick Smiles:

  • A curious cat named Ringo has the internet chuckling with his shower antics.
  • Ringo’s owner shares a video of him peeking into the shower, held aloft by his dad.

Cats are known for their curiosity, but Ringo, a tabby cat, takes it to a whole new level. His owner recently shared a video  that has left viewers in fits of laughter. The video shows Ringo peering into the shower, held up by his dad, as his mom takes a shower.


What are you doing, mom?😻💕 #cat #catmom

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Cats are infamous for their inquisitive nature. But what triggers this behavior? Pet wellness expert Rover explains that it’s all about survival instincts. In the wild, cats need to be alert all the time as they are both predators and prey.

There could be other reasons for this behavior too. Maybe your cat is still young and exploring the world around them, or they’re “too smart to stay still.” Or perhaps they’re just hungry and looking for food.

While curiosity is vital for a cat’s growth, it can sometimes turn into aggressive behaviors, like knocking over your plants. According to Rover, this could be a sign that your cat needs more stimulation in their life, or even a visit to the vet.