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Dads In Maryland Build Desks For Students For Better Virtual Learning Experience



  • Most schools have decided to shift into virtual learning amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic.
  • But many families are at a disadvantage because not all of them can afford the basic requirements of homeschooling.
  • So, a community in Maryland rallied together and built desks for their kids through the project Desks by Dads.

When the novel coronavirus shut down schools, educational institutions had to cope up, and virtual learning became the “new normal.” But many students are put in a disadvantaged position because not all families can afford the basic requirements of online schooling.

Jessica Berrellez of Gaithersburg, Maryland, never knew how big this problem was until she decided to help the families of other kids in her daughter’s school to create home learning necessities.

She learned from their parents that they didn’t even have desks to use. That’s why she and her husband, Al, stepped in to further help these families.

Instead of spending money from their own pockets to buy desks and donate, they thought of making the whole community involved with the project, creating an even larger impact!

Photo Credit: @Desksbydads (Facebook)

Al made a design of a desk that is easy and inexpensive to build. He shared the design on Facebook and that started the Desks by Dads project.

Other dads from their community chipped in to build and distribute over 24 desks to families with low income in their city. What’s even more amazing is that they constantly modify the design in order to improve the kids’ learning experience.

Jessica was so proud of the dads and the great things they’ve done. 

Photo Credit: @Desksbydads (Facebook)

“Oftentimes, it’s the moms who are sort of responsible for supporting and organizing our children’s education and more actively involved in volunteering,” she told GMA. “So this is a nice way to get dads involved and to capitalize on their strength.”

Seeing the kids’ delight with their new workstations is by far the most satisfying part of the project.


“The pride in their faces is awesome. It’s so heartwarming,” Jessica added. “I think on a very basic level, it’s just about basic dignity and pride of learning.”

Photo Credit: @Desksbydads (Facebook)

This is such a wonderful way for the community to come together and help their neighbors’ children in a time of need.

Source: Inspire More