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Not So Sneaky German Shepherd Devours Slow Cooker Meal



Quick Smiles:

  • German Shepherd Diesel caught red-pawed with empty slow cooker
  • Owner Kaitlynn Lovejoy shares hilarious video on TikTok
  • Internet users defend Diesel and insist he’s innocent

Internet users couldn’t help but chuckle at a video of a German Shepherd named Diesel, who was caught red-pawed after devouring a slow cooker meal. The adorable pup’s antics have captured the hearts of many, with people insisting he’s innocent.

The viral TikTok video, posted by Diesel’s owner Kaitlynn Lovejoy (@lovejoykaitlynn), shows the moment she returned home to find the slow cooker completely empty. Diesel, the only “guilty” party, proudly licked his lips as his owner looked on in horror.


Have a German Shepherd they say… It will be fun they say….. However, I still love our sweet Diesel!!! 🐕❤️ #CapCut #fypシ #dogsoftiktok #germanshepherds #dogmom #fypシ゚viral #tiktok

♬ Ho no no no 1 – la roca

Diesel wagged his tail and tried to look away as Lovejoy asked if he knew what happened. While she wasn’t pleased, social media users couldn’t get enough of the video, which has been viewed over 2 million times and received more than 158,200 likes since January 24.

In the caption, Lovejoy wrote, “Have a German Shepherd they say…it will be fun they say.” Despite the mishap, she still loves her “sweet Diesel” and was able to laugh it off.

Pet owners will recognize the familiar behavior of their furry friends when caught in the act. Researchers have conducted numerous studies on whether dogs can feel guilt, but the jury is still out.


VCA Animal Hospitals experts suggest that dogs may not show signs of remorse, but instead respond to their owner’s body language. They may adopt a submissive or appeasing posture, which we interpret as guilt.

Lovejoy had hoped to return home to a perfectly cooked dinner, but Diesel couldn’t resist the temptation. With the slow cooker “licked clean,” the family opted for hibachi that night instead.

The viral video has amused many, and with over 3,200 comments on TikTok, thousands of people are showing their support for Diesel. One comment reads, “Where is the proof there was food in the crock pot? He is being framed.” Another user responded, “as his lawyer – He is pleading the fifth and we want to address there is no evidence.” And another person joked, “At least he left no mess.”

Newsweek reached out to @lovejoykaitlynn via Instagram for comment but could not verify the details of the case.