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Discover Biscuit: From Shelter Dog to Social Media Sensation



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  • Dmitry Pepper, a pet owner, shares how a small adjustment can change his dog Biscuit’s appearance from an English bull terrier’s to a Dalmatian’s.
  • Biscuit, a unique blend of English bull terrier, Dalmatian, whippet, old English bulldog and borzoi, has become a social media sensation with over 20 million followers across various platforms.
  • Through her videos, Biscuit has not only brought joy to millions during difficult times, but also highlighted the unique beauty of mixed-breed dogs.

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When Dmitry Pepper first set eyes on Biscuit, he instantly knew she was extraordinary. Part of her charm lies in her mixed heritage, as Biscuit is a delightful blend of English bull terrier, Dalmatian, whippet, old English bulldog, and borzoi. “We had thought no other dog looked like her until my followers shared pictures of their white, spotted dogs,” Pepper shared.

In a TikTok video that has garnered over 562,000 views since March 22, Pepper demonstrates a simple trick that transforms Biscuit’s appearance from an English bull terrier to a Dalmatian. By gently pulling her ears down, he reveals the significant Dalmatian influence in her mixed breed.

Pepper also shared the story of how Biscuit came to be a part of his family. Found wandering in a Georgia neighborhood in April 2015, Biscuit was taken to a kill shelter. She was adopted by a family but was surrendered to a Maine shelter after their elderly dog didn’t take to her.

For several months, Biscuit lived with a foster family while the shelter posted pleas on social media for her adoption. “We had to adopt her,” Pepper said, recalling how his family fell in love with Biscuit after seeing her picture on social media in 2015. This led them to drive three hours to Jonesport to meet and adopt Biscuit.


Today, Biscuit shares her home with Joy, a “hyperactive English bull terrier” puppy. Despite her age, Biscuit is more than capable of keeping up with her younger sibling. “She is a playful, energetic dog who loves people, pets and going on car trips and to the park,” Pepper said. “Her favorite activities are walking with me and Joy outside, at the park, car trips, and going under the covers at night to sleep. She is very personable and loves to be close to humans.”

Biscuit’s charm extends beyond her home, reaching millions through social media under the handle @MisterMainer. Across TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, Biscuit has amassed over 20 million followers. “Her videos feature her in various activities and characters. Her most notable videos are when she is dressed up in a bob wig as a real-estate agent named Karen Bark, selling not-so-appealing homes, making light of the expensive houses in today’s market,” Pepper shared.

Biscuit’s fame has even caught the attention of celebrities like Meghan Trainor, Charlie Puth, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Anitta. But for Pepper and her legion of fans, Biscuit is more than just a pretty face. “Since 2021, when she rose to fame, my followers have told me how her videos bring them joy, especially during hard times,” Pepper said. “Working with Biscuit and Joy helped me during the COVID pandemic, provided me with a job and opportunities, and helped me during difficult times in my life.”

Biscuit’s story serves as a reminder of the unique beauty and joy that mixed-breed dogs can bring into our lives.


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