Quirky dog loves “planting himself” in Mom’s garden [Video]

  • Dogs love to dig holes.  But this one plants himself in the hole in the garden and happily burrows in.
  • Franklin’s love for burrowing was discovered when his mom and dad dug a trench in the garden and he plopped himself in the hole.
  • With the discovery, his parents now dig holes in the garden not just for the plants but also for Franklin.

Gardening is a fun activity for plant lovers.  It is therapeutic and brings on happy hormones when flowers blossom and the leaves grow abundantly.  Even the act of digging for a trench is a chore that is welcome knowing that the plants would benefit from it. 

But one gardener discovered that her dog companion Franklin loves to burrow in the dug-out hole or loves digging holes and planting himself in them!

Caitlin said she and her partner were digging and, “While Grant was digging the 20-foot-long trench, Franklin just hopped down into it and laid down. He just kept burrowing down, and if someone picked him up … he would immediately jump back in.”

Since then, not only have they been digging holes for the gardens and plants but also for Franklin.  Whatever Franklin’s reasons are for burrowing, whether it’s cool in the ground or pretending he’s a plant, his parents certainly know that he loves to be where they are.

Photo Credit: Caitlin W.

And when he’s not with his mom in her pottery class or swinging on the porch, Caitlin knows where to find him— in the garden, snuggling in a hole.

Caitlin said, “He’s just the cutest, funniest little ball of fur. His personality is huge.”

Photo Credit: Caitlin W.

And now, he’s the newest species of flora— Franklin plantinea!

Source: The Dodo

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