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Dog Steals Owner’s Birthday Cake, Thinking That Nobody Could See Her [Video]



  • Catharina had baked a cake for her birthday the other day and celebrated in front of the camera, conversing with her friends.
  • Her dog helped herself to some of the cake on the table when Catharina stepped away from the computer.
  • The dog did not realize that the people on the other end of the call could see her munching up the birthday cake.

Meet Lolita. Catharina Chagas rescued her from back then. She developed into a playful and sweet, but is a bit of a sneak.

Catharina celebrated her birthday the other day. She invited her friends to a video conference to celebrate her day. She even baked a cake herself for their virtual celebration. Her friends could not personally attend her birthday because of the mandatory lockdown put in place.

The Dodo | Catharina Chagas

Catharina started conversing with her friends, eating a piece of the cake she had baked. Then, she thought it would be nice to hand over a slice of the cake to the doorman at her apartment building. She stepped away from her computer table, cut a piece of the cake, and stepped outside for a minute to deliver it to him.

Her chair did not stay empty for long. Lolita decided to help herself to some of the cake on the table, probably thinking that no one was around to see her eating it.

“It was funny,” Orlando Colavolpe Neto said. He was one of the people on the other side of the call. They could only watch as the dog munched on the cake, pulling it down on the floor to finish it up later on. “Everyone was desperate, trying to get her attention. Lolita didn’t have a care in the world, eating the cake.”

This would have seemed like the perfect crime. Lolita could get her fill of the cake while Catharina was out. There appears to be no way of pinning the blame on her.

The Dodo | Catharina Chagas

[When I came back] I was very confused, because the cake was on the floor and it was eaten,” Catharina said. “All my friends were laughing. They sent me the video of what happened.”

The cake stealing incident did not upset her one bit.

“I laughed a lot. I could never be angry at Lolita,” Catharina said.

There is concern about the dog eating the cake though. Catharina is aware that eating the entire cake is not too good for the dog. She made sure to keep a close eye on Lolita for any signs of distress, fortunately, the dog turned out to be just fine.


This is the reason why this is one of the most memorable birthdays for Catharina. Her dog made her happy on the day she was unable to fully enjoy with her friends and family.

The Dodo | Catharina Chagas

“I love having her in my life,” Catharina said. “She is very special to me! It was great that she stole the show on my birthday. No hard feelings!”

Source: The Dodo