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20-Year-Old Dog Gets Loving New Home After Being Surrendered At Shelter [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Dax, a 20-year-old Weimaraner, was surrendered by his previous owners and found a loving home through Big Dog Ranch Rescue (BDRR).
  • Despite his age, Dax surprised everyone at BDRR with his energy and quickly won the hearts of the staff and the public online.
  • BDRR ensures Dax’s medical needs are met, including a wheelchair and an orthopedic bed, so he can enjoy his golden years in comfort.

Dax, a 20-year-old Weimaraner, has a story that will melt your heart.

After his family surrendered him, he found himself getting a second chance at happiness at Big Dog Ranch Rescue (BDRR), a haven for dogs in need.

“Weimaraners have a special place in our hearts. Our founder began Big Dog Ranch Rescue because she was an avid Weimaraner lover,” Natalie Rubino, BDRR’s digital marketing director, told The Dodo.


💙PLEASE WATCH-LISTEN-READ-SHARE This is DAX 🐾 a 20 year old Weimaraner surrendered by his owner and is now foster care with Big Dog Ranch Rescue. It is unfathomable to think about a loving loyal 20 year old senior dog, at the end of his life span, given up and left confused and heartbroken. 💔 Please let Dax’s story be a reminder of the responsibilities of being a dog owner, physically and emotionally. They are not just dogs-they are our children and our family memebers who love us unconditionally and remain forever loyal, asking for little in return. 💙Miracle Fund Donate: Link in Bio ☝🏻 🐾 Adopt: 🏠 Foster: [email protected] 💚Donate: 💲Venmo: @bigdogranchrescue 💰CashApp: @bigdogranchrescue 💵Zelle: [email protected] #bdrr #bigdogranchrescue #fyp #savedogs #trending #adoptme #dogrescue #viralvideo #adoptdontshop #shelterstories #seniordogrescue #Weimaraner #weimaranersoftiktok #weimaranerrescue #helpadoptme #miracledogs ♬ the winner takes it all – november ultra

When a local shelter asked BDRR to take Dax in due to his age and size, they happily agreed.

Dax soon became the center of attention at BDRR, where he surprised everyone with his zest for life.


“We thought he was just going to be lying down, but he didn’t do that. Instead, he picked up a bone, which became his favorite, and tried to share it with the other dogs,” Rubino said.

The kindhearted Weimaraner quickly turned into a tiny superhero at the shelter, garnering fans not just among the staff but also online.

“We were inundated with hundreds and hundreds of people reaching out online to adopt Dax,” Rubino recalled.

The shelter took great care to ensure they found the perfect forever home for their beloved Dax.

When they found the right fit, Dax moved in with a loving mother and his two new dog siblings. His introduction to his new family was seamless, much to everyone’s relief.


💙MIRACLES DO HAPPEN 💙 DAX UPDATE 💙 We are overjoyed to announce our beloved DAX has found a forever home! Yesterday, our dedicated team at Big Dog Ranch Rescue transported DAX from his temporary foster, Jozel who graciously cared for DAX while we searched to find the perfect home that would give DAX the love and care that he deserves for the remainder of his life. DAX was welcomed by his forever mother and his new siblings with loving open arms. We are so very grateful for this wonderful miracle! We cannot thank everyone enough for the outpouring of support in helping DAX on this journey and to ALL of those who offered to give DAX a home. ♥️ Through your support, we were able to provide DAX his necessary medication’s, supplies, food, a new wheelchair, new, orthopedic bed, and lots of toys for him to take to his new home! We are so very blessed that, TOGETHER we could give DAX this precious new life that he so deserves. THANK YOU 💙🐾 💙Miracle Fund Donate: 🐾 Adopt: 🏠 Foster: [email protected] 💚Donate: 💲Venmo: @bigdogranchrescue 💰CashApp: @bigdogranchrescue 💵Zelle: [email protected] #bdrr #bigdogranchrescue #fyp #savedogs #trending #dogrescue #viralvideo #adoptdontshop #shelterstories #supportdogrescue #shelterstories #seniordogrescue #weimaraner #weimaranersoftiktok #weim #dogshelter ♬ Gentle and warm background piano(1262846) – Noru

“There were no issues with them — it was like something from above,” Rubino mentioned.

Although Dax battles arthritis and mobility issues, BDRR ensured all his medical needs, including a wheelchair and orthopedic bed, are covered for life.

Now, Dax spends his days either swimming or cuddling on his favorite couch with his family, savoring every moment of his golden years.

The team at BDRR cherishes Dax’s story as an example of their tireless work.

“We save about 5,000 dogs a year. Dax is a very special and unique case, but he’s also an illustration of all the work that we do,” said Robin Friedman, BDRR’s chief development officer.


In the end, Dax’s heartwarming journey underlines the incredible rewards of pet adoption.

His tale offers a gentle reminder that age is just a number when it comes to love, care, and second chances.