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Meet the ‘Flash Dads’ Who Spread Schoolyard Joy with High Fives



Quick Smiles:

  • Every Wednesday, a group of awesome dads known as the “Flash Dads” surprise students at Louisville elementary schools with fist bumps and high fives to kick start their day.
  • The Flash Dads, a diverse group of fathers from various backgrounds, have been cheering on the kids for seven years, making their way into classrooms with infectious positivity.
  • The initiative, organized by the Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), has been a massive hit, with students, teachers, and principals all reporting a noticeable boost in morale.

If you’re a kiddo at a Louisville elementary school, Wednesdays are probably the highlight of your week. Why, you ask? Well, it’s not just because it’s “hump day” but because it’s the day the “Flash Dads” spring into action! This super cool squad of volunteer dads, hailing from all walks of life, delight the students with surprise fist bumps and high fives to kick off the school day.

The Flash Dads have been a hit since they first appeared on February 8th at Rutherford Elementary School. They made a comeback in the new school year on October 26th at Wyk Elementary. The group includes first responders, elected officials, fraternity members – dads of all stripes, really – all there to cheer the young ones on to their classrooms.

Officially known as the Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) Flash Dads, this awesome group was assembled by a JCPS program with the aim of lifting students’ spirits. And boy, has it worked!

“Every time we have a flash dads event, students, principals, and teachers always say ‘man the day was so much better,’” shared Greg Vann, an associate from the JCPS program. “Students are positive and uplifted, they can’t believe people are there for them.”

Dr. Kenya Natsis, principal at Rutherford, couldn’t agree more.

Speaking to WHAS11 News, she said, “I think it’s important to have ‘Flash Dads’ in all the schools come out and visit the schools but more importantly it gives the kid just a wonderful start to their day.”


So, next time you’re feeling a bit low, just think about the Flash Dads. Their energy and dedication are a reminder that a little positivity can go a long way. And hey, don’t forget to share the uplifting energy from these dope dads on social media!