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French Bulldog Is Learning How To Share The Spotlight



Quick Smiles:

  • Tank, the black-and-white French bulldog, is learning to share the spotlight with his new sibling, Kimbo Potato Slice.
  • Both Tank and Kimbo exhibit signs of jealousy, a trait found in dogs according to a 2021 study published in Psychological Science.
  • Despite their rivalry for attention, the two dogs are best friends, engaging in daily walks, playtime, and even sharing toys.

Tank, a charming black-and-white French bulldog, had been the center of attention in Nia’s Rhode Island home since 2020. However, the dynamics shifted in 2022 with the arrival of a new tan French bulldog, affectionately named Kimbo Potato Slice.

“Tank was always used to having all the attention, being the only fur child,” Nia shared with Newsweek. “But, since Kimbo joined us, it’s been a constant battle of who can receive the most attention from mom.”

Interestingly, this behavior isn’t uncommon among dogs. A 2021 study published in the journal Psychological Science revealed that dogs can indeed exhibit signs of jealousy.

The study involved 18 dogs observing their owners interact with a realistic-looking fake dog, both visibly and hidden behind a screen. The dogs’ reactions to their owners interacting with a fleece cylinder served as a control.

Researchers discovered that the dogs made forcible attempts to reach their owner when they appeared to engage with the fake canine, regardless of whether they were hidden behind the screen or not. The reaction was significantly less when their owner interacted with the fleece cylinder.

Tank and Kimbo’s behavior mirrors this study. When Tank sees Kimbo receiving affection from Nia, he reacts similarly. But it’s not a one-sided affair. Kimbo also displays jealousy when he sees Tank getting attention from their owner.


“Kimbo loves receiving attention from everyone and will stop mid-walk with the expectation that people can acknowledge him and pet him,” Nia revealed.

Their shared need for attention can sometimes escalate into adorable squabbles. “They shove each other, bark, and watch in complete sadness from afar if I show preference to one at the moment and not the other,” Nia added.

Nia shared a video of Tank and Kimbo’s playful rivalry for her attention on TikTok under the handle @thefrenchiegoat, captioning it “mom is the prize.” The video has been viewed over 683,000 times at the time of writing.

Despite their occasional bouts for attention, Nia assures that the two dogs are, in essence, “besties.” “They sleep together, although they have individual beds; follow each other around all day; and bring toys to each other initiating playtime,” she said.

Tank and Kimbo’s daily activities include walks, tugs of war, playtime with Nia’s three sons, and plenty of naps. “They also enjoy taking plenty of naps throughout the day and home-cooked meals,” Nia shared.

Just remember, never get between either of them and their mom.