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From Tethered to Treasured: Puppy Tied to a Bumper Gets Second Chance [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A TikTok video showing the rescue of a 9-week-old puppy chained to a car bumper has garnered over 1 million views and sparked an outpouring of love and support.
  • The rescuer, Harleecarlton68, paid $263 to free the puppy, named her Malibu, and has promised her a new, happier life.
  • According to the ASPCA, around 6.3 million companion animals, including 3.1 million dogs, enter U.S. shelters annually, reminding us of the importance of adopting and caring for pets.

Heartstrings around the internet are humming with joy as an adorable 9-week-old puppy, chained to a car bumper, finds the promise of a new life.

This tender story began when a TikTok video of the puppy’s rescue went viral, filling the hearts of viewers with love and empathy.

Harleecarlton68, the poster and hero of the story, shared the video on TikTok on July 12.

In the heartrending clip, viewers witnessed a tiny, hopeful puppy chained to a van, reaching out to passers-by with pleading barks.

Luckily for her, her cry for freedom was answered by Harleecarlton68. The TikToker narrates the journey in the caption: “Being tied to a bumper 24/7 was this 9-week-old puppy’s life. she wanted to go with us so badly. So I bought her freedom for $263.”

“Malibu,” as she was christened, was then bathed, taken to the vet for a check-up and weighed in at a petite four pounds.


The video has since amassed over 1 million views, over 153,000 likes, and a wave of heartfelt comments from netizens across TikTok.

Users expressed their sentiments openly. Antonía commented, “She was so excited to be a dog,” and user2702894371106 gushed, “Aww I am so happy that you got her she looks so happy with yous.”

The outpouring of support continued with Oh0758298524 adding, “Malibu is such a cute name.”

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) reports that around 6.3 million companion animals, including 3.1 million dogs, enter U.S. shelters every year.

Out of these, approximately 2 million dogs find their forever homes, and 810,000 are returned to their owners.


As for Malibu, her bittersweet tale ended on a hopeful note.

Her rescuer assures, “Stay tuned for her almost immediate adoption.”

This warm and uplifting narrative serves as a reminder of the impact of kindness and compassion.

It reiterates that every creature deserves to live a happy, love-filled life, free from chains, literal or metaphorical.