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German Shepherd’s 25-Foot High Treetop Adventure



Quick Smiles:

  • 10-month-old German shepherd Luna found 25 feet up a tree in El Dorado County
  • Owner Brian Spies and friends rescue Luna using a 24-foot extension ladder
  • Luna is now safe, sound, and back to her playful self

You’ve probably heard about cats getting stuck in trees, but what about a 70-pound German shepherd? That’s what happened to Luna, a 10-month-old pup who went missing one Sunday morning in El Dorado County. Her owner, Brian Spies, searched for her all day, worried that she might have been injured or attacked by a wild animal.

Brian’s friends, Luka Bogdanovich and Jared Johnson, joined the search for Luna. More than a day after she went missing, they finally spotted her 25 feet up a slanted tree in a wooded area near Brian’s home.

“I’m just driving down the road and look left. I’ll be darned. I see something in the tree, and I went, ‘Holy cow, that’s the dog,’” Bogdanovich said.

The theory is that Luna was chasing a squirrel and ended up climbing the tree, only to find herself stuck. Brian, who works in construction, brought a 24-foot extension ladder from his work truck to rescue Luna.

With his friends holding the ladder and a sleeping bag in case of a fall, Brian bear-hugged Luna and carefully descended the ladder without using his hands.

After her rescue, Luna was tired but is now back to her normal, playful self. Brian has learned a valuable lesson from Luna’s adventure: “If she ever gets lost again, we’ll look up, because she can climb trees.”