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Goat Becomes a Soccer Sensation with His Impressive Moves



Quick Smiles:

  • Junior, the talented goat, loves playing soccer with his owner, Tammy.
  • The duo engages in a friendly back-and-forth, with Junior showcasing his skills using his forehead.
  • Tammy suspects Junior might be practicing solo, perfecting his game to impress her!

Whoever said soccer was strictly for humans never met Junior, the gifted goat with a flair for the sport!

While it may sound like a scene straight out of a fun-filled movie, Junior’s soccer talents are as real as they come.

A delightful video clip from USA Today unveils the bond between Junior and his doting owner, Tammy Tunison.

With an oversized soccer ball as their prop, the two enjoy a lighthearted game.

And guess what? Junior is quite the expert when it comes to headers.

Every time Tammy sends the ball his way, Junior’s quick to respond, using his forehead to butt the ball right back to her.

It’s like watching a playful dance between a goat and his favorite human!


Tammy, ever observant of Junior’s progress, has started to suspect something amusing.

Given how adept Junior has become with his ball-handling (or should we say, “ball-heading”), she believes he might be sneaking in some solo practice sessions.

After all, who wouldn’t want to hone their skills and flaunt them later?

If you’re curious to witness this four-legged soccer prodigy in action, don’t miss out on the video:


Junior’s passion for the game and his impeccable aim are sure to bring a wide smile to your face.

It’s heartwarming moments like these that remind us of the wonderful and unexpected joys our furry friends can bring into our lives!