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Golden Grandma! Lucy the Retriever “Adopts” Adorable Kittens [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Lucy, a senior golden retriever, becomes an overnight TikTok sensation by cuddling up to a litter of newborn kittens.
  • Pearl Frazier from Fort Worth shares the delightful interspecies bond under her handle @pearlsragdolls.
  • Contrary to age-old beliefs, a 2008 study reveals cats and dogs are pals in 66% of mixed-pet households. Lucy is living proof!

The realm of social media is no stranger to cute animal antics, but when Lucy, a senior golden retriever, took a shine to a litter of newborn kittens, TikTok users couldn’t help but swoon.

In a heart-fluttering video shared by Pearl Frazier from Fort Worth, Texas, Lucy showcases that size truly doesn’t matter when it comes to affection. Though these kitties are just tiny bundles compared to Lucy, she’s all about the love.


She will nap next to the kittens and wake up every time a kitten makes a noise to check on them ♬ suara asli – DENII – DENII

“I find it interesting to see how dogs and cats interact when they first meet,” shared Pearl, known as @pearlsragdolls on TikTok, in her endeavor to capture these magical pet interactions.

But if you think Lucy’s just another dog curious about her feline housemates, think again! This golden gal has some history. Hailing originally from a farm in Lima, Ohio, Lucy’s been around a variety of animals her whole life.

Pearl reminisced, “She helped when Justin [her partner] raised a foster kitten in 2017-2018.”


It’s no wonder then that after some initial sniffs and nudges, Lucy is seen blissfully napping alongside the kittens’ bed in the video. πŸ•β€οΈπŸ±

Busting the age-old myth that cats and dogs are arch-nemeses, a 2008 study found that in a whopping 66% of households with both pets, the fur-kids are more pals than foes.

And Lucy? Well, she’s more than a friend; she’s the “aunt” everyone wishes they had, according to enamored TikTok users.

“Look how calm relaxed and esp gentle with the kittens good job Lucy,” praised one viewer, while another declared, “Lucy is the goodest girl and will be the best bonus mom to those babies!”

In the great debate of cat people versus dog people, Lucy just might be the bridge to unity.

After all, in a world of likes and shares, who can resist double-tapping for a retriever and her retinue of baby kittens?


Who needs the Avengers when you have this furry supergroup stealing the show on TikTok? Paws and play, folks! 🐾πŸŽ₯🌟