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Golden Retriever’s Dreamy Hideout Is Pure Pup Paradise!



Quick Smiles:

  • Teddy, a golden retriever, has a luxurious doghouse created by his owner, Jonathan Lower.
  • The doghouse features a flat-screen TV, fireplace, and custom portrait of Teddy.
  • Their next DIY project is a custom sidecar for bike rides together.

Meet Teddy, a golden retriever from South Carolina who is living the dream in his very own luxurious doghouse. His owner, Jonathan Lower, also known as John Lower The Home Project Guy on Instagram, transformed an old utility closet under the stairs into Teddy’s incredible den.

Teddy’s new space is complete with a flat-screen TV, fireplace, and even a custom portrait of the adorable golden retriever hanging over the mantle. Lower, a real estate agent, got the idea for the doghouse during a walk-through with a client, where he saw a playhouse for the sellers’ daughters under the stairs.

Since being shared in mid-March, the video of Teddy’s amazing doghouse has garnered over 3.5 million views and thousands of comments on TikTok.

Lower started the project by working on the interior, building a custom bed with slide-out drawers, golden retriever fairy lights, new lighting, shiplap, a functional fireplace, and a TV. The exterior of Teddy’s room features a stone and craftsman-style design, completed with a custom mat.


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The project wasn’t a quick one, though. Lower says it took about a week and a half of evening work to complete the interior, and a full day to finish the exterior. But the effort was worth it for Teddy, who has been a constant source of support for Lower through recent personal losses.


Teddy and Lower’s bond is unbreakable, and they’re already planning their next DIY project: a pool house and a custom sidecar for bike rides together. If Teddy’s luxurious doghouse has inspired you to create a posh pad for your own furry friend, check out some other DIY doghouse ideas on Instagram for more inspiration. Happy building!