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Golden Retriever’s Joyful Spa Day is the Boost We All Need



Quick Smiles:

  • A heartwarming video of a golden retriever’s spa day by @caltabianomaria: “That’s so funny!”
  • Key grooming insight: “Regular brushing to remove the excess is all the help they need!”
  • The highlight of the clip: “Look at those little happy stomps! She’s loving life, and I’m personally loving watching it.”

Golden retrievers are undeniably some of the most beautiful and lovable dogs out there. Their radiant fur, sparkling eyes, and adorable floppy ears make them utterly irresistible. But maintaining that splendid look? It comes with its own set of challenges, as delightfully showcased by a video shared this Friday.

The recent video clip posted by @caltabianomaria on October 13th is warming hearts everywhere. This particular golden retriever is giving everyone major grooming goals. Its energetic vibe and cute antics during its grooming session? Simply heartwarming!


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Golden retrievers, while stunning, are high maintenance. Their double coat, a signature feature, demands proper attention. Among the challenges the coat brings are matting, shedding, and the potential concealment of fleas and ticks.

One of the major misconceptions about these pups is the urge to shave them, especially during warmer seasons. But here’s the thing: shaving can actually harm their undercoat, which they need to regulate their body temperature. These wise dogs naturally thin out their own coat. A simple brush to remove any excess hair is all they require!

Regular spa trips, roughly every 5 weeks, are a must if you’re not up for the grooming challenge at home. A standard grooming session usually involves a refreshing bath, a nail trim, and a blow dry to remove additional fur, complemented by a few essential trims here and there.


Consistent care between these sessions, like daily brushing, ensures your golden’s coat remains pristine. Plus, it makes them more accustomed to the grooming routine, preventing any fuss during professional sessions.

As for our viral star of the day? She’s having the time of her life during the blowout part of her spa treatment. Those lively little stomps signify pure happiness, and honestly, we’re all here for it!