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Grandfather Goes Viral After Babysitting Mishaps [Video]



What You Need To Know!

  • A grandfather from Massachusetts went viral after his daughter shared his text messages while he was babysitting her son.
  • The daughter, Molly Madfis, had some reservations about her father’s ability to care for her son, but allowed him to babysit anyway.
  • Despite some mishaps, Madfis’s son had a great time with his “Poppy,” and the story has been received positively online.

Molly Madfis of Los Angeles, California, had some reservations when her father, John Madfis, 75, offered to babysit her son, Arlo, 5. But she decided to give him a chance, and the resulting experience was too good not to share on TikTok.

In a video that has since gone viral, Madfis shared the texts she received from her dad while he took care of Arlo over a three-day period.

@almostmakesperfect never again #fyp ♬ Runaway Train (2022 Remaster) – Soul Asylum

While there were certainly some mishaps along the way – including John taking Arlo to school without a backpack and struggling with meal prep – Arlo had a blast with his “Poppy.”

Madfis encourages everyone to check out her dad’s fun dance videos on Instagram, adding that he “doesn’t want to be known as a bad grandpa.” It’s a lighthearted and heartwarming story that has resonated with many online.