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Heroic Golden Retrievers Rescue 5 Boys from Dangerous Rip Currents



Quick Smiles:

  • Golden retrievers Kelly and Beatrice, heroes from the Italian Rescue Dog School, courageously rescued five boys trapped by rip currents in Tuscany.
  • The dramatic rescue was a collaborative effort involving the dogs’ handlers and a vigilant lifeguard.
  • Rip currents, known for their sheer power and unpredictability, claim numerous lives annually, making it imperative to stay informed and follow safety guidelines.

In an awe-inspiring incident that highlights the sheer bravery and loyalty of dogs, two golden retrievers, Kelly and Beatrice, have emerged as real-life heroes.

The pair successfully rescued five boys who were trapped by dangerous rip currents off the coast of Forte dei Marmi beach in Tuscany.

Read on as we dive into the details.

The Perilous Situation

As the sun shone down on the Forte dei Marmi beach last Sunday, what began as an idyllic day quickly turned perilous for five boys.

Swept about 160 feet away from the beach by forceful rip currents, the boys found themselves in dire straits, desperately shouting for aid.

Swift Response

Trained at the esteemed Italian Rescue Dog School, golden retrievers Kelly, aged 2, and Beatrice, aged 5, didn’t think twice.

La Repubblica reported, “Without hesitation, they dove in.”


Joining their courageous mission were their handlers, Sandro Petrillo and Gabriele Casini, along with on-duty lifeguard Riccardo Iacopetti.

The combined efforts led to the successful rescue, an event that was later celebrated on SICS Florence—Forte dei Marmi’s Facebook page: “Sandro with Kelly, Gabriele with Beatrice and Riccardo Iacopetti… intervened and managed to get everyone safe with a lot of effort.”

A Well-Deserved Ovation

Upon their triumphant return to the shore, the brave canines were met with hearty applause and affectionate embraces.

The celebratory sentiment reverberated on social media platforms, where the original post garnered significant attention and praise.


One thankful netizen expressed, “Thanks to all the 4-legged lifeguards and their instructors…you are needed thanks again.”

While another admirer commented, “With our dogs everything is more beautiful. Even if it is a great mission to create rescue dogs.”

Rip currents are notorious for their power, sometimes moving at speeds outpacing even an Olympic swimmer!

They can form on any beach with breaking waves and are especially common near structures like jetties and piers.

The U.S. Life Saving Association suggests being vigilant for signs of rip currents and always adhering to beach safety guidelines.

If ever trapped, the key is to remain calm, avoid swimming against the current, and call for assistance.