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Hysterical Video Of Dog Retreating from -40 Temps



Quick Smiles:

  • Tony Nick and his rescue dog brave -40 degree temperatures in Alberta, Canada
  • Dog retreats back into the house after feeling the icy winds, while Nick laughs
  • Video goes viral on TikTok with over 20.7 million views

Next time you think twice about walking your dog in the rain, consider Tony Nick and his rescue dog, who face -40 degree temperatures in northern Alberta, Canada. In a video posted on his TikTok account @tonynicko, Nick’s dog eagerly waits by the back door to go outside.

As Nick opens the door to reveal thick snow and icy winds, the dog quickly retreats back into the warmth of the house, while he can’t help but laugh. The text overlay reads, “POV: Your dog has to pee but it’s -40 outside.”


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The video has garnered over 20.7 million views! In another video, Nick shares more about his dog, describing her as “50% malinois, 25% Staffie, and then equal parts malamute, St. Bernard, and border collie.” He also mentions that she can only tolerate a five-minute walk before her paws get too cold.

Many TikTok users suggested getting a jacket and boots for the dog, to which Nick responded, “For people commenting about her needing a coat or booties, trust me, she’s fine. When it’s THAT cold, we go out for only a few minutes.”

Alberta, Canada, has been experiencing record-breaking cold temperatures lately. The city of Edmonton hasn’t seen an overnight low of -40 C since 1972, according to the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC). This extreme weather has put a strain on Alberta’s infrastructure, with increased demand for electricity and roadside assistance.


The rescue dog’s reaction to the freezing weather has brought laughter to millions of viewers. Comments on the video include, “Nevermind, I’ll hold it, rofl,” “It’s like opening the freezer door,” and “My cat went outside and immediately threw up.”