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Internet Swoons Over Shower-Loving Dachshund



Quick Smiles:

  • A dachshund named Teddy has become an internet sensation after a video of him thoroughly enjoying a shower.
  • Despite the fact that dachshunds and other breeds are typically not fond of water, Teddy seems to relish every drop of his warm shower.
  • The video is eliciting a wave of amused and delighted comments from viewers.

Promise Teddy you’ll wait for the drop, it’s worth it 🚿 #dachshund #dogbath #paralyzeddog ♬ What You Won’t Do for Love – Bobby Caldwell

There’s nothing quite like a soothing hot shower to wash away the day’s worries. A dachshund named Teddy seems to agree, as he has captured the hearts of social media users with a video of him showering “like he pays the water bill.”

The amusing clip was shared by Teddy’s owner, under the username teddythedox. In it, Teddy can be seen fully immersed in the shower, seemingly savoring every drop of warm water cascading over him.

The caption accompanying the viral clip reads: “POV your dog showers like he pays the water bill.” The owner also added a playful note, “Promise Teddy you’ll wait for the drop, it’s worth it.”

Interestingly, dachshunds are not typically known for their love of water. Due to their unique body shape, they often find it challenging to stay afloat. However, just like humans, every dog has its own personality, and their preferences may not always align with the typical traits of their breed.

According to AZ Animals, other breeds that commonly dislike water include chihuahuas, who quickly become cold due to their low tolerance to cold temperatures; pugs, who struggle to breathe in water due to the shape of their faces; and boxers, whose short snouts and coats make it difficult for them to breathe in water and resist the cold.