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Jealous Cat’s ‘Evil Plan’ To Trap Fur Siblings In The Basement Is Thwarted



  • Milo the cat devised a plan to trap his fur siblings in the basement and was recorded by his mom.
  • The video posted by TikTok user @mrmilothechonk showed how Milo led his siblings to the basement and then went up and closed the door on them.
  • The scheming cat then turned his back on the closed door and demanded undivided attention from his mom.

A family just moved into their new house where there is a basement.  Mom and dad always leave the door open so that they can go downstairs whenever they want to. But their cat Milo has devised an ‘evil plan’ to monopolize mom’s attention.

Maybe he has gotten tired of sharing mom’s full attention that he thought of getting rid of his siblings. Uh-Oh. Purely selfish.

But Milo did have a plan and his mom, TikTok user @mrmilothechonk shared the video of his thwarted attempt.

Photo Credit: @mrmilothechonk (TikTok)

First he goes down the stairs to the basement and when his brother Beckham, a Golden Retriever, and black cat, Poppy, were downstairs, he quickly went up again.  He checked up on them and made sure that they were staying downstairs.  Acting as if he had nothing wicked planned, he flopped down on the floor and slowly stretched his paws to close the door. 

It did not shut properly. He had to nudge it further and seeing that it was closed, he went to his mom to demand her attention.

Photo Credit: @mrmilothechonk (TikTok)

Of course, the mom saw through the ruse and opened the door to let the “trapped” dog and cat in.

What a shrewd and tricky Milo!

Viewers are amazed at the length that Milo would do to “get rid” of his siblings. “Milo is a little supervillain and should be protected at all costs,” wrote @thatsn0tmyrobot. @mandamdl commented, “He is diabolical, and we love him.”

Other viewers cannot help but laugh at Milo’s tricky ways! “I can’t with Milo. Poor Beckham, but also, he needs to stop falling for it!”, commented @thatswheird.  While @miss_ash01, said, “It’s Milo’s world, you’re just living in it.”

But we all know that good always triumphs over evil so better luck next time, Milo.  Or better yet, be a good boy and love your siblings. LOL.


Source: Pet Helpful