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Kind Soul Anonymously Leaves Gifts for Strangers



Quick Smiles:

  • Miss Busy” brightens days in Calne, Wiltshire by hanging delightful “kindness packages” from trees in high foot traffic areas.
  • The mystery lady’s inspiration stemmed from her own uplifted spirits upon finding a crochet keychain on a day she needed cheering up.
  • Locals adore discovering her sweet presents, usually accompanied by handwritten notes, bringing rays of sunshine to those feeling glum.

In the charming town of Calne, Wiltshire in England, an unknown warm-hearted individual, affectionately known as “Miss Busy,” has taken to infusing the days of locals with spontaneous joy through her delightful “kindness packages”!

These bundles of happiness, carefully hung from trees in bustling areas, have become little beacons of happiness, turning ordinary walks into treasure hunts of joy.

Miss Busy’s lovely endeavor emerged from a heartfelt experience of her own. On a day shadowed by blues, she stumbled upon a crochet keychain during an outdoor walk, a small discovery that painted her day with a stroke of cheer.

The joy derived from this unexpected find kindled a flame of inspiration in her heart. She thought, “Why not multiply this joy and spread it around?”

And so, with the mission to add a sprinkle of brightness to her community, Miss Busy began crafting her own enchanting presents, thoughtfully placing them in the path of fellow pedestrians. Her hope? To offer a warm embrace to the hearts of those who, like her, might be traversing through a glum day.

Each package she prepares is a whisper of compassion, usually escorted by handwritten notes, touching the souls of the finders.

The locals of Calne have embraced Miss Busy’s loving gesture with open arms. The thrill of finding her adorable packages has become a cherished experience in the community, a gentle reminder of the beauty in shared happiness and random acts of kindness.


The thoughtful handwritten notes accompanying the gifts are like sunbeams, lighting up faces and warming hearts around the town.

In a world where days can sometimes be laden with challenges, the radiant ripple effect of Miss Busy’s kindness packages serves as a beacon of hope, a sweet testament to the transformative power of a simple act of love and the boundless joy it can unfold.

So, here’s to the magical moments Miss Busy is creating, and may we all find inspiration in her acts to sprinkle a little more joy in the world around us!