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Labradoodle’s Ball Pit Antics Win Hearts Online



Quick Smiles:

  • Labradoodle Sampson goes viral in ball pit video
  • Owner Michele Miller shares the joy it brings him
  • Purina explains playful growls vs. angry growls

A delightful video of a Labradoodle named Sampson playing in his ball pit has gone viral, racking up a whopping 13 million views on Instagram! The energetic pup can be seen happily romping through a sea of gold, yellow, and burgundy balls, making a bit of a mess in the process.

“No toy is safe in the ball pit,” reads the on-screen text, as San Diego-based Sampson occasionally growls playfully. His owner, Michele Miller, told Newsweek that the ball pit is his “happy place!”

Initially, Miller thought the ball pit would be a one-time thing, but four years later, it remains a fixture in her living room. “We joke it’s now turned into a piece of furniture in our living room. When he kicks out balls he always makes this playful growl with each kick, it’s just the cutest thing!” she said.


The growls are the best 🤣 #ballpit #dogtoys #doglovers

♬ original sound – Sampson & Michele

Miller switches up the ball colors based on the season, and getting a fresh batch of balls is like giving Sampson a new toy all over again. The 7-year-old dog kicks the balls out “every single night without fail” and sometimes even naps in the pit.

“I think his life goal is to see if he can kick out all the balls one day,” Miller shared. “While it does require frequent clean-ups, it’s never a chore because of the immense happiness it brings him. Let’s just say he’s a big help in ensuring I meet my daily step goal!”


Pet food company Purina has previously shared an article aimed at helping owners understand the different types of growls their canines may make. Growling “is simply a method of communication” and can either mean “I’m feeling threatened” or “I’m having fun.”

Playful growls usually sound higher pitched and are accompanied by body language indicating the dog is ready to play, such as raising their rear-end in the air (known as a play bow). Angry growls may involve bared teeth, a low and rumbling pitch, and body language like a stiff body, a tail held high, wide eyes, and ears back.

It’s clear that Sampson is having the time of his life in his ball pit, with the video receiving over 298,000 likes and almost 2,000 comments. Users have praised his adorable antics, with one saying, “He’s adorable!!! I think he likes hearing how many balls hit the floor.” Another added, “Absolutely hysterical… but then I’m not the one who has to pick all the rejects up.”