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Long-time Shelter Resident Overjoyed to Have Found His Forever Home



Quick Smiles:

  • Pitufo, a 14-year-old dog, spent 11 years at the Hogar Corazón Animal shelter in Argentina before finding his forever home.
  • Despite initial challenges, Estefanía and Sebastían, the couple who adopted him, report that Pitufo adapted to his new environment with ease and joy.
  • Silvina, the shelter’s co-founder, reminisces about Pitufo with fondness but is ecstatic about his new chapter filled with happiness.

For Pitufo, a 14-year-old dog residing in an Argentinian shelter, the concept of home seemed a distant dream. Yet, life had a delightful twist in store for him.

After spending 11 arduous years in the Hogar Corazón Animal shelter in Moreno, Buenos Aires, Pitufo’s heartwarming response to finally being adopted is touching countless hearts.

The shelter’s co-founder, Silvina, recollects the time she first rescued Pitufo in 2012. Being five years old, Pitufo wasn’t the first choice for those seeking a young puppy. The shelter’s limited visibility only added to the challenges of finding him a home.

“In the early days, we were a budding organization and hadn’t yet harnessed the power of social media,” shared Silvina with The Dodo. “This greatly hampered our ability to connect our dogs with loving families.”

Silvina’s commitment to finding the right home for every dog under her care never wavered. “I am exceptionally particular about where my dogs end up,” expressed Silvina. “To me, they’re like my children, and I couldn’t fathom compromising on their happiness.”

Years of perseverance bore fruit on August 9, 2023, when Pitufo met Estefanía and Sebastían, a compassionate couple, and their feline companion. While the couple initially anticipated challenges with Pitufo settling in, the loving dog adapted swiftly.

The couple shared their joy with Silvina through a video: “We were bracing ourselves for potential challenges given Pitufo’s prolonged stay at the shelter,” they said. “But to our delight, he warmed up to us and our cat almost instantly.”


Now, Pitufo’s days are filled with heartening walks, intimate cuddles, and pure happiness, resonating with a lifetime of familiarity.

Though Silvina deeply misses her furry friend, the joy of seeing Pitufo in his dream setting is incomparable. “It’s been worth the wait,” she declared. “Witnessing Pitufo’s unbridled joy makes it all worthwhile.”