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Happy Tears

Mama Swan Overwhelmed With Happiness After Being Reunited With Her Chick [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • The Waterfowl Sanctuary rescued a baby swan in distress, struggling to breathe and trailing behind its family.
  • After two weeks of care, including antibiotics and chest physiotherapy, the baby swan was reunited with its overjoyed mother.
  • The heartwarming reunion saw the mama swan rushing towards her baby, both of them honking happily, signaling their joy and relief.

It was a heart-rending sight for The Waterfowl Sanctuary rescuers when they came across a distressed baby swan unable to breathe properly, struggling to keep pace with its family.

The team didn’t hesitate and immediately extended a helping hand. “We could distinctly hear a deep gurgling sound with each breath the baby swan took,” the sanctuary conveyed through a Facebook post.

To mitigate the breathing issue, the little swan underwent chest physiotherapy and a round of antibiotics.

The little one displayed remarkable resilience and soon began breathing normally. Two weeks into the care, the sanctuary felt confident about its plan of reuniting the chick with its family.

But there was a hint of trepidation. The baby swan’s rescuers couldn’t predict the mother’s reaction to the sudden absence and return of her baby. What ensued was a touching moment that melted hearts.


The instant the mama swan laid eyes on her chick, emotions ran high.

A heartwarming scene unfolded as she rushed towards her baby, with both swans honking in joyous harmony, echoing their ecstatic reunion.

And the celebrations didn’t stop there. Even after the joyous reunion, the mother swan continued honking, a gesture that seemed to express gratitude towards the saviors of her beloved chick.

The bond between a baby swan and its mother is undeniable. They typically stick together for the first four to five months. So, the brief parting must have been deeply unsettling for the mother.


Thankfully, she no longer has to worry as her precious one is safe and back with her.