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Man Builds Snowy Wonderland for Cold-Loving Rescue Husky [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Amanda Killen and Phil adopt Sakari, a husky with a rough past, from a notorious breeder and offer her a loving home.
  • Phil and Sakari share a unique bond, especially when it comes to playing in the snow. It’s a “pawsitively” chilly match made in heaven!
  • Rescuing dogs may come with challenges, but the joy and love they bring make it all worth it. Sakari is now living her best, snowy life!

For Sakari the husky, the journey from a grim kennel to a cozy snow fort and loving home is the stuff fairy tales are made of!

When Amanda Killen and her knight in shining armor, Phil, ventured in search of a fur-baby to adopt, they stumbled upon Sakari’s frosty gaze.

Her sad past unfolded like a tragic winter’s tale – confined with 40 other dogs and forgotten by the world.

“She was like a snowflake in a blizzard, unique but lost in the crowd,” Killen reminisced.

But as fate would have it, this snow tale was destined for a warm twist.

“The first time Sakari met us, she flopped onto her back – a clear sign she chose us!” Killen shared.

The two knew they had found their “furrever” friend. This once timid doggo soon warmed up to her new family, especially to Phil.


“It’s like they have this snowy connection!” Killen joked.

Phil and Sakari’s bond only deepened when snow entered the scene.

One day, Sakari was just chilling outside when Phil decided to sprinkle some snow over her.

“And then he just kept going, like a kid making a snow angel, except he was burying a husky!” Killen giggled.


Sakari seemed to love it, proving once again that for some, snow isn’t cold, it’s just a fluffy blanket!

Although last winter was a bit skimpy on the snow side, Sakari didn’t mind. She found joy in rolling in whatever was available.

But snow or no snow, Sakari’s heart was full, all thanks to her doting parents. From cuddly nap spots to a free-run in the yard, she was living the doggy dream.

Killen reflected on their heartening journey with Sakari, acknowledging the challenges but emphasizing the joys of rescuing a pet.

“Rescuing is like assembling a snowman. It takes effort, patience, and sometimes things fall apart, but in the end, you have this wonderful creation that fills your heart,” she said.

With each passing day, Sakari’s fears melt away, replaced by the warmth of love, trust, and, of course, fluffy snow.