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Man Turns Vintage Farmhouse into Ultimate Barbie Dreamhouse – Childhood Fantasy Comes True!



Quick Smiles:

  • Jonny Carmack transforms an old Connecticut farmhouse into a Barbie Dreamhouse, inspired by his childhood love of the Mattel brand’s style.
  • He spent $20,000 on renovations, using vivid colors and 1980s furniture found at estate sales and vintage dealers.
  • Jonny and his partner Mitchell Pozo have added $100k in value to the property since moving in.

Jonny Carmack, a small business owner, purchased a three-bedroom fixer-upper in Danbury, Connecticut, in 2020. He had always dreamt of living in a dollhouse since he was a child, and this was his chance to make it happen. Jonny grew up in a blue-collar family that didn’t approve of boys playing with Barbie dolls, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his passion for the Mattel brand’s style.

The 31-year-old had a lot of work ahead of him, as the old farmhouse had crumbling, moldy walls. He spent $20,000 on renovations, transforming the space with vivid colors and 1980s furniture found at estate sales and vintage dealers. Some of his second-hand finds included a $50 Murano light, a $1,000 bedroom set, and a $1,000 blue couch.

Since buying the 1800s farmhouse and moving in with his partner Mitchell Pozo, a visual merchandiser, Jonny has added $100k in value to the property that originally cost $256,000. The couple collaborates on the design, with each room changing five or six times in the course of a few years. Jonny said, “Me and Mitchell share the same brain. He is super creative like me, and loves color, so we brainstorm a lot.”

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