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Owner Attempts to Halt Cat’s Sleeping Habits But Outsmarts Her



Quick Smiles:

  • El, a pet owner from New Zealand, shares her amusing cat stories on TikTok.
  • Her black cat, Kitten, and calico cat, Peanut, love to sleep, especially on El’s pillows.
  • Despite El’s attempts to deter Peanut from sleeping on her pillows, the clever cat finds a way around it.

El, a pet owner from New Zealand, has a delightful duo of feline friends named Kitten and Peanut. She shares their antics on TikTok under the handle bikkie_and_peanut.

El adopted Kitten from a rescue, and a year later, by a happy accident, she adopted Peanut from a pet store. Peanut had been ill when she was a baby, but after she recovered, she was placed in PetStock, where El found her.

Kitten and Peanut lead a blissful existence, typical of the feline kind. El shares, “Their favorite things are eating biscuits, playing with little balls, chasing each other, chasing flies, trying to steal my food, and sleeping.” And boy, do they love their sleep!

Cats are known for their love of sleep. Research published in Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews suggests that cats sleep between 10 to 13 hours a day, sometimes even up to 17 hours! Peanut and Kitten are no exceptions.

El says, “They sleep most of the time we’re at work. Usually, they snooze from 11 a.m. till about 3 p.m. Then they tend to sleep throughout the night with us as well.”


However, it’s not the amount of sleep that Peanut gets that’s causing a stir, but where she chooses to sleep.

El explains, “She just loves sleeping in really odd places sometimes like on top of plastic bags, books, shelves and so on.”

Peanut has a particular fondness for El’s pillows.

“I think she likes the softness and that it smells like us,” El shares.

Recently, this pillow preference has become a bit of a problem. Peanut, being a bit clumsy, started getting dirty in the litterbox, and that dirt found its way onto El’s pillows. To deter Peanut from her pillow perch, El tried covering the pillows with towels.

At first, it seemed like a brilliant solution, but Peanut proved to be a clever cat. El says, “She figured out that she could sneak in through the side of the pillows and she started using it as a blanket. So we gave up on that idea.”


Despite the failed attempt, El found humor in the situation and even managed to capture Peanut’s sneaky maneuver on camera.

El says, “I thought she looked adorable. I don’t usually get many views, but I guess people found it cute and a little funny.”

Indeed, the video has been viewed over 820,000 times, with viewers offering sympathy, advice, and shared experiences. One viewer even suggested a fitted sheet that’s a size bigger than the bed to tuck around the mattress.

El appreciates all the responses and is now brainstorming new ways to keep her nap-loving cat happy without disrupting her own bedtime routine.