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People send gifts to cheer up 9-month-old puppy ghosted by potential adopter



  • Jack, a nine-month-old American bulldog, was ghosted by a potential adopter.
  • The poor pup’s hopes of having a forever home sunk after he was stood up.
  • What happened, though, turned out to be in his favor — people from around the globe started sending him gifts to cheer him up, with many showing genuine interest to welcome him in their home.

Full of high hopes that he’d have a forever home, a nine-month-old rescue puppy was sadly stood up on his meet-up with potential adopter.

Photo Credit: Peaches Bully Rescue/Facebook

The supposed-to-be adopter reached out to get to know Jack in person. Peaches Bully Rescue, his rescuers located in Ohio, then arranged a meeting time and place, and helped Jack put his best face forward.

“He had a bath, got his fancy harness on, had a fresh diaper, and a dedicated foster team that drove 40 mins each way just to end in huge disappointment,” rescuers wrote, adding: “Jack was very sad when his meet and greet person was a no-show, no-call.”

Jack is an American bulldog with spina bifida, which affects his motor skills and requires him to wear a diaper to prevent accidents. Other than that, little Jack is a healthy and happy pup.

Photo Credit: Peaches Bully Rescue/Facebook

What happened to the poor pup encouraged people from all over the world to cheer him up, after his ghosting experience spread online.

A friend decided to buy him a new toy, with more and more people pouring him gifts and treats. More than the gifts, many wanted to make up for the potential adopter’s failed promise.

“Jack and our team are so touched by the immense support and networking that this community has done,” Peaches Bully Rescue wrote. “We have received over 600 inquiries and 200 applications for adoption which we are processing.”

Photo Credit: Peaches Bully Rescue/Facebook

Currently, the rescuers are processing the applications they received, hoping Jack would have more meets and greets in the coming weeks.

“Who knew that our little Jack Jack would be so widely loved and we could be so blessed,” Peaches Bully Rescue wrote. “We hope to have Jack meeting families very soon and will update when we find his peeps over the next weeks. Thank you all, and please support rescue.”

With the overflowing love from people around the globe, the aftermath of Jack’s first heart break still has worked in his favor.

Photo Credit: Peaches Bully Rescue/Facebook

It looks like a bright future is waiting for this cheery pup.

Source: The Dodo