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Happy Tears

Pop Star Dedicates Song to 100-Year-Old Neighbor, Her Response Melts Hearts



Quick Smiles:

  • Pop star Rachel Platten dedicates a live performance of her song “Girls” to her 100-year-old neighbor, Gloria.
  • Gloria’s reaction to the dedication is absolutely priceless, showing the deep bond between the two.
  • An impromptu musical moment between Platten and Gloria leaves both of them teary-eyed and speechless.

In 2014, Rachel Platten burst onto the music scene with her inspiring hit “Fight Song,” a tune that quickly became a rallying cry for dreamers everywhere.

Fast forward a decade, and Platten has more than just a successful music career to be proud of – she’s also a mom to two little ones. These bundles of joy even inspired her to pen a new song, “Girls.”

While “Girls” was initially written for her daughters, Platten decided to dedicate a performance of the song to a very special audience member during a November 2023 show. The lucky recipient? Her centenarian neighbor, Gloria. The video of this touching moment shows Gloria absolutely stunned by Platten’s gesture, a testament to the genuine friendship they share.

Their bond is further showcased in a series of viral videos. In one, Platten surprises Gloria with a cake and gifts for her 100th birthday. Despite her age, Gloria is full of life and humor, often sharing laughs with the pop star.


her reaction is everything 🥹🤍 ♬ original sound – Rachel Platten

The video also reveals a time when Platten was grappling with her music career. She turned to Gloria for advice, and the wise centenarian suggested she have a second child.


“You said if you have the second baby, I promise you, your music will take off again,” Platten remembers.

True to Gloria’s words, after the birth of her second child, Platten wrote “Girls” as a message to her daughters.

In a heart-tugging moment, Platten sings “Girls” for Gloria at her piano. The song moves Gloria to tears, and she even adds her own melody at the end. Platten, moved by Gloria’s contribution, adds lyrics to the melody.

This spontaneous musical exchange leaves both of them speechless and teary-eyed, a beautiful testament to their friendship.