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Pup Lovingly Welcomes Her Tiny New Family Member



Quick Smiles:

  • Paisley, in a heartwarming TikTok video, sweetly sniffs and gets to know her new baby sibling.
  • Parents swiftly set boundaries, ensuring a safe and loving interaction between the two.
  • Like dogs are gentle with puppies, they often know to be tender with babies too.

Introducing a newborn to our furry family members can be a mix of excitement and slight nervousness.

We always hope for a seamless bonding moment, and most times, our loyal companions exceed our expectations.

This was beautifully showcased in a recent TikTok video that’s melting hearts everywhere.


The best big sister already 🐶🤗 ♬ original sound – Lindsay

Lindsay Angio’s family found themselves in such a precious moment.

The video captures the instant their dog, Paisley, meets the newest human addition to their family. The interaction, while quick, is filled with genuine curiosity and affection.


Paisley, though initially a tad swift in her approach, displays such tenderness, pausing to gently sniff the baby’s head. It’s such heartwarming scenes that remind us of the intuitive nature of our four-legged pals.

Of course, when introducing our pups to the little ones, safety is paramount.

And this delightful video also offers a few pearls of wisdom for ensuring a smooth and secure meet-and-greet:

  1. While the initial sniff is okay, it’s best to avoid letting the dog come too close to the baby’s face, fingers, or toes.
  2. A little lick might happen, but it’s easily remedied with a quick wipe.
  3. Always remain close to ensure the pup doesn’t unintentionally become overly excited.

In the video, after Paisley’s initial curiosity, dad is right there, gently setting the boundaries. This helps in reminding Paisley to be gentle and establishes a sense of respect between the new siblings.

A pro tip from the clip? Introduce your pup to a baby’s scent beforehand, making the actual meeting more familiar.

There’s a natural gentleness dogs exhibit, akin to their behavior with puppies, that they often extend to babies. Their eagerness is merely their joy in welcoming a new family member.

With a bit of guidance, these moments can become cherished memories of bonding and love.


So, cheers to Paisley and her family for showing us the beauty of new beginnings!