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Rescue Center Found A Genius Way to Comfort Pups Who Want To Be Held Always



  • A rescued pup’s need to be held all the time reminded rescue owners of Vintage Pet Rescue of their dummy.
  • The life-sized human dummy was first used to comfort their dog whenever it had separation anxiety.
  • FARC the dummy has already filled the need of anxious and stressed dogs to be held and comforted.

Whenever rescued pups need to be held because of stress or anxiety, the Vintage Pet Rescue brings in FARC— the life-sized human dummy.

It all started when rescue owners Kristen and Mike Peralta’s senior dog pug Shorty had separation anxiety.  The dog would miss his dad and would become lonely.  Kristen’s mother, Joanne McManus thought, why not put Marc’s shirt on the dummy and let Shorty lay down on the dummy.

Photo Credit: Vintage Pet Rescue

Kristen said, “We thought it would just kind of be a funny photo opportunity at first. But it actually worked, and the dogs loved it!”

So, when a 10-year-old blind pup named Billy needed to be held all the time, they thought of bringing in FARC.

Photo Credit: Vintage Pet Rescue

Kristen added, “We’ve used FARC over the years whenever we had a new dog with separation anxiety or stress. It’s really quite incredible how the dogs react.”

FARC has fulfilled the need of the dogs to be held and comforted even if his arms are just plastic.

In Bill’s case, FARC keeps him calm and happy whenever rescue staff are not there to hold him. 

Photo Credit: Vintage Pet Rescue

“Obviously we would love to be able to hold Bill all day, but there’s always a lot to be done here at the rescue,” Kristen said. “As long as he’s comfortable and happy — that’s all that matters.”

But the rescue center is happy to announce that Bill has been finally adopted after being comforted by FARC.  Now, Bill can have real human hugs to comfort him. 

Source: The Dodo