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Rescue Dog Celebrates Birthday with New Family After 2,000 Days in the Shelter



Quick Smiles:

  • Hershel, a rescue dog who spent five years in various Ohio shelters, was adopted into a forever home just in time for his 7th birthday, marking the end of 2,000 days in the shelter system.
  • Lake Humane Society’s foster-to-adopt program helped Hershel acclimate to his new life, and he’s already fitting in perfectly, with a loving family and a new canine sister, Lucy.
  • After the shelter spread the word about Hershel’s story and his need for a home, public response was overwhelming, leading to his adoption, and demonstrating the power of community support in aiding the adoption of overlooked shelter pets.

When Hershel, a charming rescue dog who spent five long years bouncing around shelters in Ohio, woke up on his 7th birthday, he had no idea that his life was about to change forever.

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of the Lake Humane Society (LHS), this sweet boy received the best birthday gift imaginable — a forever home.

“Who needs balloons and cake when you can have a loving family!” LHS representatives joked in a celebratory Facebook post this Wednesday, sharing Hershel’s heartwarming story.

For the past week, Hershel participated in the shelter’s foster-to-adopt program, helping him transition smoothly into his new life.

His new family, including a canine sister named Lucy, eagerly awaited him.

“Hershel has settled in perfectly,” LHS noted, “He’s already adored, pampered, and an integral part of the family.”


When Hershel was first introduced to Ohio’s shelter system as a young pup, he was found malnourished and alone, but his spirit never faltered.

Despite the rough start, the lovable boy’s tale is now one of triumph and resilience.

“For the first year of his life, Hershel never knew warmth, shelter, or a full belly. But he’s now a healthy, 76-pound, 6-year-old boy. Hershel amazes us every single day with his contagiously happy and optimistic outlook on life,” shared LHS in a touching press release.

In an effort to help Hershel find his forever home, LHS took him to Cold Nose Companions Dog Training and sent out a press release sharing his story.

The public answered their call.

A week later, Hershel was preparing to move into a home filled with loving humans who were excited to become his family.


“We could not be more thankful for all those who helped share Hershel’s story! Without you all, Hershel’s humans might have never known that they were the ones he’s been waiting for!” LHS expressed gratefully.

The outpouring of love and support on social media for Hershel’s new chapter was overwhelming.

One Facebook user commented, “Thank you guys for adopting Hershel! I too have a boy who was overlooked in the shelter for years… Adopting him was the best decision I’ve ever made. You guys are angels.”

With a big backyard to explore, a loving family to cuddle with, and a new furry friend in Lucy, Hershel’s tale reminds us all of the power of resilience, love, and community.

As another Facebook user beautifully put it, “This made me tear up! So happy for him!”

We echo the sentiment.


Here’s to Hershel, his unwavering spirit, and his brand new, forever home.