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Rescued Mama Dog Beams Throughout Her Exclusive Spa Experience [Video]



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  • Poppy, a pregnant dog, was rescued from the streets and welcomed her litter shortly after arriving at Carter Cifelli’s home.
  • The loving foster parent, Cifelli, gave Poppy a special spa day, including a milk bath, paw massage, and even chicken broth in a champagne glass.
  • Following her pampered experience, Poppy found a forever home, and her puppies were all adopted into loving families.

Rescued and resting in Raleigh, North Carolina, at Carter Cifelli’s home, Poppy appeared visibly drained from her previous hardships.

“She was obviously very pregnant, exhausted, filthy,” Cifelli shared with The Dodo. “She had a yucky cough and was skinny and hungry. Wherever she had been prior, she clearly had not been well cared for.”

Recognizing Poppy’s immediate need for affection, Cifelli acted swiftly.


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Poppy, the soon-to-be momma dog, was “immediately so sweet and trusting even though we had just met and she likely has not been given many reasons to trust humans.”

“Her tail would wag, and she loved being sweet-talked to,” mentioned Cifelli.


“She was very tired since she was sick and pregnant, so she settled right in and just seemed so thankful to be somewhere clean and safe.”

Within a mere two days of her arrival, Poppy welcomed her new litter.

“It was a total surprise,” Cifelli recalled.

“Her labor was quick and very smooth. She had clearly done this before and was a seasoned pro. Her babies were all very healthy!”


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A few weeks post the puppies’ birth, Poppy was treated to her first rejuvenating bath, designed to cleanse her of her previous adversities and the challenges of tending to seven pups.

Cifelli, recalling Poppy’s affinity for getting her eyes cleaned, knew a special spa day was in order.

“She was such a sweet dog and an amazing mom, and clearly had not been receiving basic care — much less being spoiled — before being rescued, so I wanted to do something a little extra special for this extra special girl,” explained Cifelli.

“So, Poppy’s spa day was born!”

Immersed in a milk bath accentuated with flower petals, Poppy relished every moment.

“She mostly just loved all of the encouragement she received throughout [the bath] and the scratches,” Cifelli noted.


Carter Cifelli

Her spa treatment included a snug bathrobe, a paw massage with nourishing coconut oil, and as a touch of elegance, chicken broth in a champagne glass.

“She thoroughly enjoyed every second of the attention, and her tail did not stop wagging,” Cifelli expressed.

Poppy’s heartwarming spa day was just the beginning. After nurturing her litter, a caring family adopted Poppy, while her puppies found loving homes.

“All of her puppies were adopted, and I regularly get updates from several of them!” Cifelli joyously shared.

“They are all HUGE now and are beloved members of their families. It is the sweetest feeling in the world!”


Cifelli’s compassion extends beyond Poppy, with an aim to spoil all her foster dogs.

“To be able to give them their first pup cup, scrambled eggs, a luxurious spa day, a fun field trip for some quality time — and see their eyes light up and tail start wagging as they realize their life just got a whole lot better — is worth all of the hard work and heartbreak that comes with fostering and rescuing,” she declared.

Cifelli feels privileged to have showered Poppy with the love she deserved.

Now, in her forever home, Poppy is celebrated daily, just as she should be.