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Sassy Corgi’s Staircase Antics Delights Viewers



Quick Smiles:

  • A determined Corgi named Maple showcases her independent streak by refusing her owner’s help to descend the stairs.
  • Despite her small stature, Maple prefers to navigate the staircase on her own terms, leading to a playful game of chase each morning.
  • Maple’s antics, captured in a TikTok video, have resonated with other pet owners, who find comfort in knowing they’re not alone in dealing with a sassy pet.

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Meet Maple, a Corgi with a strong sense of independence and a dash of sass. This determined little dog has become a TikTok sensation, thanks to her refusal to accept help from her owner when it comes to navigating the stairs.

The video, shared under the handle mapleandmortycorgi, shows Maple standing at the top of a staircase. Her owner can be heard in the background, trying to coax her into accepting a helping hand. “My sassy dog rejects me every morning when I try to help her down the stairs,” the caption on the video reads.

Maple’s response to her owner’s “good morning” greeting is a dismissive bark that clearly communicates her mood. Despite the woman’s attempts to pick her up, Maple backs away, leading to a playful chase that ends with the Corgi standing in the doorway of a different room.

“Tell me you have a sassy dog without telling me you have a sassy dog,” the caption accompanying the video reads.


Borbála Turcsán, a research fellow at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary, who specializes in canine behavior, told NBC News that dogs’ personalities are both stable and malleable. “Dogs that are active and curious when young will remain active and curious when they get old, but only compared to other dogs. A dog’s personality changes over time, and, on average, every dog becomes less active and less curious as they age.”

Will Maple’s independent streak continue into her golden years? It’s a possibility. According to a comment on the video, Maple has been with her owner for seven years, suggesting that her behavior is well-established.

But while Maple’s antics might be a challenge for her owner, they’ve brought joy to many TikTok viewers. Comments range from empathetic – “Such a corgi thing.. please help me but let me run away” – to humorous – “My dachshund does this too… She wants to go down the stairs but then makes me freaking chase her! I hate it!”

Maple’s owner responded to the comments, saying: “I have to chase her in the morning to carry her down, then chase both Maple and Morty around the house to get their harnesses on. This is how I get my exercise.”

Maple’s video has not only entertained viewers but also reassured other pet owners. “I was worried why my corgi doesn’t come when I call her. Now I am satisfied,” one viewer said, while another added: “My corgi does this while trying to bite my fingers, I have PTSD.”

So, while Maple’s morning routine might be a bit of a workout for her owner, it’s clear that her sassy spirit is bringing smiles to pet owners everywhere.