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Shelter’s Public Plea Helps Over 100 Dogs Find Homes



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  • An animal shelter in Krakow experienced an overwhelming response when they made an appeal for temporary dog adoptions due to a severe cold front.
  • The shelter, which named the initiative “Operation Frost,” saw lines out the door all weekend, with over 100 dogs finding temporary or permanent homes.
  • One adopter, Ms. Pani Ola, was inspired by the freezing temperatures to finally adopt a dog, naming him Hugo.

The KTOZ Schronisko, an animal shelter in Krakow, was left speechless after a weekend that saw a flurry of activity. People queued up, braving the cold, to temporarily adopt a dog in response to an impending cold front.

The shelter had made an urgent appeal on Friday the 5th, as the first weekend of January was forecasted to witness temperatures plummeting to -5°F. The shelter had dubbed this initiative “Operation Frost.”

They had posted on Facebook, “Due to the fact that some of our animals live in kennels, we urgently need to make room for them in a closed pavilion.”

The shelter had hoped that people would open their homes for a few days of foster care, but the response they received was nothing short of a late-Christmas miracle.

Saturday morning saw a line of people outside the shelter, and the crowd didn’t dwindle even on Sunday. The shelter staff and volunteers were moved by the response.

KTOZ Schronisko/Facebook

“This was an emotional but very challenging day for our staff and volunteers,” they shared after closing on Sunday. “The amount of people that visited our shelter seemed endless and it is absolutely beautiful.”


By the end of the weekend, the shelter had seen over 100 dogs find either temporary or permanent homes. One of the adopters, Ms. Pani Ola, shared her story on Facebook.

“I saw an ad for winter action on my boss’s story and I’ve been talking to my mum about owning a dog for a long time,” she wrote alongside pictures of her new dog, Hugo. “This freezing cold gave me such a kick to act that while sitting at work I thought, ‘if not now then never.’”

In a separate post, the shelter expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming response to Operation Frost.

“All dogs from outdoor boxes were moved to indoor rooms thanks to your adoptions. We are very grateful and extremely blessed,” they wrote. “Thank you to everyone, without exception, for every adoption, for your kind and open hearts.”

This inspiring community response to a winter crisis is a testament to the power of collective action. So, go ahead and share this uplifting story on social media.