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Single Foster Mom Adopts Four Young Siblings To Keep Them All Together



  • Melissa Servertz always wanted to be a mom but never thought she’d be one as a single adoptive mom to four siblings.
  • Her experience as a teacher in social services, volunteering and later fostering almost 56 children has made her equipped to finally adopt.
  • She first adopted the two girls and when the two boys were ready for adoption, she took them in to avoid separating the siblings.   

Melissa Servetz did not set out to be a single mom to four young siblings.  But she could not bear the thought of separating the siblings and so she fostered and adopted all four!

She always had maternal instincts.  Being a former Florida teacher who worked in social services for several years has awakened her to the need to have a stable home for the children.

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She started as a volunteer at a children’s home, learned about adoption and became a foster parent.

Since 2015, she has already fostered around 56 kids from babies to ages 5 and under.

But there was something about her last four foster children that made her decide to adopt them. She is now mom to Jade, age 8, Destiny, age 6, Matthew, age 4, and Emerson, age 2. 

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She first adopted Jade who was 2 at the time of adoption and Destiny who was only 16 months old.  When she learned that the girls’ remaining siblings who were still days old were also up for adoption, she took them in.

She could not find it in her heart to have the brood broken.  And even if she did not see herself as a single mom to four kids, she said, “But there was no way I could let the boys go to someone else and be away from their siblings. There’s no way.”

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Melissa admits that both fostering and the adoption process is a very challenging but satisfying journeys. She said, “Adoption and foster care pull on your heartstrings. But at the same time, you know you’re doing something and you’re helping that child in the moment that they need you the most.”

She is grateful for her unusual but fulfilling motherhood journey. She said, “This has been [to] my benefit too because I became a mom; a forever mom. I have in my opinion the best children in the world. I wouldn’t trade anything for that. I want them to remember that I picked them. I didn’t have to raise them but I chose to be their mom.”

 Thank you, Melissa!

Source: Inspire More