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Sleeping Sensation: Greyhound Wren’s “Invisible Pillow” Sleep Position Ticks the Internet’s Funny Bone



Quick Smiles:

  • A greyhound named Wren has gone viral on TikTok due to her peculiar “invisible pillow” sleeping position.
  • A dog’s sleep posture can indicate their overall well-being, with Wren appearing relaxed and content in her new home.
  • Wren’s hilarious sleep antics have entertained many online, sparking discussions about other pets’ unique sleep habits.

TikTok is going gaga over a greyhound’s delightfully eccentric sleeping position.

The charming canine named Wren has become an internet sensation due to her unconventional “invisible pillow” naptime arrangement.

This endearing greyhound’s snoozing style was shared by her owner, who described Wren’s sleep stance as a “variation on her broken neck sleeping position.”


A variation on her broken neck sleeping position #greyhound ♬ original sound – Wrenthegreyhound

A rather curious description, don’t you think?

It seems Wren loves to rest her head just off the edge of her bed or chair, instead of comfortably plopping it down like most dogs.

Commenting on her quirky four-legged friend’s preference, Wren’s owner whimsically said, “It’s as if she’s resting her head on an ‘invisible pillow.’”


Notably, a dog’s sleeping position can be an indicator of their overall well-being, according to a 2013 study published in Applied Animal Behavior Science.

For instance, anxious dogs may take on a position allowing for swift escapes.

Yet, with Wren’s peculiar pose, it seems she’s just being her eccentric self.

Adopted in December 2021, Wren appears to be quite the happy hound in her current abode.

Her comical sleeping posture has sparked amusement and adoration on TikTok, with users sharing their own pet’s unique sleeping habits.

One viewer noted the similarity with their own pet, “My cat does something similar on his cat tree. I call it his neck exercise, and I always wonder how it’s comfortable.”


Another user humorously imagined Wren thinking to herself: “So comfy time for a snoooooze.”

Of course, Wren isn’t the only dog to stir up the internet with her unique snooze style.

In the past, a Labrador sleeping with all legs in the air and a bichon frisé who sleeps “like a human” have given netizens a hearty chuckle.

As for Wren, we say, keep those “invisible pillow” siestas coming!

They’re the paw-fect blend of hilarious and heartwarming.