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Sleepy Dog’s Bedtime Antics Will Make You Laugh



Quick Smiles:

  • Lazy rescue dog Pippa becomes internet sensation
  • Adorable pup prefers beauty sleep over walks
  • Heartening adoption story inspires others

When Becca Sim adopted her dog Pippa last year, she had no idea how the energetic rescue would adapt to city life. However, it turns out the only challenge they’ve faced is trying to get the sleepy pup out of bed!

Pippa loves her bedtime and hates being disturbed, especially when her owners try to coax her outside one last time. When Sim and her partner attempt to wake her up, Pippa simply refuses to budge until they finally bring out her leash and suggest a walk.


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Sim, from Brisbane, Australia, told Newsweek that they were initially informed Pippa was high energy. However, it seems she’s grown out of that phase pretty quickly. Instead of causing mischief, Pippa prefers getting her beauty sleep and snoozing in bed. Who could blame her?

This nightly routine has become quite popular on Sim’s TikTok account (@beccasimx), with the video amassing over 593,100 views and 79,400 likes at the time of writing. People adore Pippa’s way of saying, “no thanks, I’ll stay in bed with mom.”

Sim shared that Pippa is cuddly and loving 80 percent of the time, while the other 20 percent is spent playing with friends or looking for lizards. According to PetMD, dogs sleep for around 12 hours a day, with puppies and older dogs needing a bit more rest. When not sleeping, dogs usually spend 30 percent of their day relaxing, so it’s no surprise that Pippa is exhausted by day’s end.


It’s essential for owners to be aware of any changes in their dog’s regular behavior. Conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, and arthritis can affect their sleep routines. However, some dogs, like humans, are just lazier than others.

Since sharing the video, Sim has enjoyed showcasing the rewards of adopting a pet. “I’m glad people get to see the loving dog that Pippa is, and I hope it inspires more people to adopt because they really are great,” she told Newsweek.

The video has received a hugely positive response, with over 460 comments on TikTok. One user wrote, “That baby found her place of peace. Let her be.” Another commented, “Maybe her energy was stress and now she knows she is safe she is little nope! No thanks I’m staying put.” Yet another TikToker responded, “She’s not even pretending to sleep.”