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Sphynx Cat’s Obvious Disgust To Having A Harness Shows His Drama King Side [Video]



  • TikTok user @lisahamptonholder posted a video of her Sphynx cat Nudacris wearing a harness.
  • The cat refuses to walk with his harness on and even falls down as if the harness is heavy.
  • The video has the viewers in stitches as they witness the dramatics of Nudacris.

If they have not been trained at a young age to wear collars or harness, cat owners can attest that putting on these contraptions on cats is a difficult job.  You end up being hissed at, scratched and even bitten.  But if they have been used to having these on, then it would not pose any problem or harm to yourself.


So Nudacris doesn’t think he can walk when he’s in his harness, so I guess he won’t be wearing that! he literally Falls over like he has a brick on his back! #YellowstoneTV #ChevyEVSongContest #candycrush10 #catsoftiktok #YellowstoneTV #fyp #StemDrop001 #FomotionalFinds #viral #tiktok #viralvideos #trending #cute #funnymoments #petsoftiktok #meow #sphynx #hairlesscats #viralvideo🔥 #funny #cat ♬ original sound – Lisa Hampton Holder

But in the past years, posts on social media showing cats wearing harnesses on walks and hikes outdoors even at sea on a boat, have increased. These harnesses even come in a variety of sizes that would fit the feline’s body, large or small.

Then comes one video of TikTok user @lisahamptonholder of her Sphynx cat Nudacris wearing a harness which has the viewers laughing.  Not because he looks ridiculous but because the cat hates it so much, he refuses to walk!  He even falls down just to let his owner know that he does not want to wear the harness. 

Nudacris even goes up to his cat sibling and asks for help to get rid of the harness.  What a drama king!

His mom can be heard telling him that it is only Day 1 of him wearing it and he has to adjust so he could go in the car and get a cat cup.  She even said that it was not that heavy.  He can walk.  But the cat would have nothing of it and he falls over as if it weighed a ton.

Photo Credit: @lisahamptonholder (TikTok)

Just putting the harness on is already a struggle and now Nudacris is being so dramatic.

Viewer @anathebrickhouse commented, “He made his way over to kitty for sympathy” and @dcmittens added, “The drama is extreme.”

Nudacris has always been a sassy and playful cat as evidenced by his previous videos on TikTok. His mom can add being a drama king to his bio now.


Source: Pet Helpful