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Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun: Woman Finds Furry Friend Holding Mini Booze Bottle [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A woman discovered a squirrel in her backyard clutching a tiny bottle of tequila, appearing ready to throw a miniature party.
  • Capturing the hilarious, once-in-a-lifetime moment on camera, she later shared it on TikTok, where it was met with much amusement.
  • A few days later, the squirrel was found safe and sound, the chewed-up tequila bottle discarded nearby, marking the end of his unusual escapade.

You’ve heard of a party animal, but what about a party squirrel?

BloodrootJewels, a TikTok user, could hardly believe her eyes when she spotted a peculiar sight in her backyard.

This was no regular afternoon, not with a squirrel brandishing a tiny bottle of tequila, appearing as if he was ready to stir up a celebration!

“[I] can not believe I witnessed this,” the woman wrote on TikTok, still tickled pink by the sighting.

The squirrel had a handle on the bottle like an expert, holding it as though it was just another acorn for his collection.


The sight was nothing short of a hoot, a once-in-a-lifetime kind of encounter, and our TikTok user was fortunate enough to catch this exclusive shindig on camera.


Replying to @user7282130742417 I went back and found the chewed up bottle. Im either going to recycle it or keep it to remember this crazy moment. Please do not litter!!! Im pretty sure the squirrel had gotten the tequila from the litter left behind after First Friday in my neighborhood. Dont litter yall!!! Ok bye!!! #josesquirrelvo #drinkingsquirrel #viralsquirrel ♬ original sound – BloodrootJewels

Concerned about her little party-goer, the woman decided to check in on him a few days later, hoping that the tequila hadn’t resulted in a ‘squirrelly’ hangover.

To her relief, she found the tiny reveler perched peacefully in his tree, seeming none the worse for wear.

The only evidence of his unusual escapade was the chewed-up tequila bottle on the ground below.


The origin of the tiny tequila bottle remains a mystery.

However, let’s hope our furry friend’s partying phase has ended as quickly as it started.

After all, squirrels should stick to acorns, not alcohol!