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Stray Cat Brings Kittens to Bar After Owners Feed Her [Video]



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  • A stray tabby cat in Nilai, Malaysia, brought her three kittens to a local karaoke shop whose owners had previously fed her, resulting in a heartwarming TikTok video that has received over 2.2 million views.
  • The shop owners, known as @musicbox365, provided care and support to the feline family, resulting in each cat finding a new home.
  • Coryn Julien from the global cat advocacy organization, Alley Cat Allies, reminds that while it might be tempting to “rescue” stray kittens, the best approach is to provide food, water, and outdoor shelter, since mother cats in the wild are often nearby and well-equipped to care for their young.

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Sometimes, the smallest gestures of goodwill can result in the most delightful surprises.

This was the case for a business in Nilai, Malaysia, when a little generosity towards a stray cat resulted in four fluffy additions to the community.

In a TikTok video that has since garnered over 2.2 million views, the owners of a local karaoke shop, @musicbox365, showed a stray tabby cat bringing her three kittens to their doorstep, one by one.

“We gave food to a cat and now she’s bringing all of her kittens one by one in her mouth to our shop,” the video caption reads, showing the endearing procession of ginger kittens being introduced to their new sanctuary.

These adorable kittens, along with their mother, sported the unique characteristic of shorter tails, a common sight in south east Asia and a trait often found in Japanese Bobtail and Siamese cat breeds.

This seemingly odd feature is due to a recessive gene that becomes more common through inbreeding among street cats.


The heart of this story lies in the trust this mother cat placed in her human benefactors.

Yet, according to Coryn Julien, director of communications for global cat advocacy organization Alley Cat Allies, while it may be tempting to immediately “rescue” stray kittens, in most instances, it’s better to watch and wait.

“In nearly all cases, kittens outdoors don’t need to be ‘rescued,’ and pulling them in from their outdoor homes can be harmful,” Julien said.

“You may not see their mother, but she’s likely nearby, and her instincts make her the best caregiver.”

Instead, she suggests providing food, water, and outdoor shelter to these feline families, ensuring their safety while respecting their independence.

In the case of the Nilai karaoke shop, this nurturing patience was rewarded.


An update from @musicbox365 revealed that all the kittens, including their courageous mother, found new homes.

The TikTok community shared in their joy.

“Universal cat distribution system having a buy 1 get 3 special,” one comment read.

“Mother cat: finally found a safe place. Please let my kittens come in,” another user wrote.

Indeed, the mother cat found not only a safe place but a compassionate community that rallied behind her and her kittens, proving once again that kindness, like a mother cat’s love, knows no bounds.