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Stray Cat’s Hilarious Reaction to Wet Food Wins Hearts



Quick Smiles:

  • A stray black cat in Gainesville, Florida, became an internet sensation after hilariously demanding to be let inside a home following his first taste of wet cat food.
  • The cat’s antics, shared by Carlton Mark, have received over 30,000 upvotes on Reddit’s r/cats forum, highlighting the cat’s humorous attempts to reclaim the comforts of indoor living.
  • After the cat’s taste of the “good life” and the outpouring of internet love, Mark is planning to officially adopt the feline once he can afford the necessary vet bills and treatments.

They say the way to a cat’s heart is through its stomach, and this story serves up proof with a side of charm.

A stray black cat in Gainesville, Florida, has become an internet sensation after his hilarious antics to get attention, and all because of his first taste of wet cat food.

Carlton Mark, the kind soul who catered to the kitty’s culinary curiosity, explained the chain of events.

“I gave the stray cat wet food once,” Mark’s post read.

I gave the stray cat wet food once…
by u/fisherman363 in cats

Little did he know that one meal would set the stage for a recurring comedy show, with the cat as the star performer.

The furry freeloader, who had been a neighborhood fixture for about a year, was trapped, neutered, and released by Mark.

During this process, the cat got a taste not only of gourmet cuisine but also of indoor comfort, which included that sweet, sweet air conditioning.


Mark recalls, “This is when he must have got a taste of the good life and A/C.”

Since this brief sojourn into indoor living, the cat has been somewhat of a patio regular, frequently found napping on the outdoor furniture and pulling stunts to reclaim his taste of the good life.

Images of this adorable feline demanding to be let in by placing his paws against the window have caused a stir on Reddit’s r/cats forum.

The post garnered over 30,000 upvotes, turning the unnamed kitty into a small-scale celebrity.


With an estimated 70 million stray cats in the U.S. and around 3.2 million winding up in shelters each year, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, these photos offer a glimpse into the unique journeys of stray cats as they cross paths with humans.

Reacting to the posts, one Redditor amusingly pointed out, “Stray? I don’t see a stray. That’s your cat now.”


Others shared similar tales of stray cats turning into lifelong companions after being fed.

As for the star of the show, Mark is hoping to officially adopt him soon.

“He’s very affectionate, and I’m just saving up some money for flea treatment and vet bills to make him mine,” he shared.

The way the black cat looks into the house, it’s as though he already sees it as home, especially when it’s dinner time!

So the next time you’re enjoying dinner and notice a pair of furry eyes peering through the window, remember: it could be the start of an adorable new friendship.