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Happy Tears

Sweet 10-Year-Old Dog Left Tied to Tree Gets Love She Deserves



Quick Smiles:

  • Upon purchasing a new home, a couple discovered a 10-year-old dog named Molly, and later a cat, abandoned by the previous owners.
  • Deeply moved, the couple took to TikTok to share updates on their new pets, ensuring Molly and the cat received all the love and care they’d been deprived of.
  • Through their story, the couple underscores the lifelong commitment and responsibility of pet ownership.

When most people buy a new home, they usually expect to deal with broken fixtures or outdated wallpaper.

But for one couple, it was the heart-wrenching sight of an abandoned dog, Molly, tied to a tree, that greeted them.

The forsaken pooch, about 10 years old, was one of the remnants the previous owners thoughtlessly left behind.

The couple, deeply touched by Molly’s plight, took to TikTok to share their discovery and the journey of giving Molly the life she truly deserved.

The video, which has since resonated with countless viewers, showcased Molly’s first heartwarming moments with her new family.


The people that sold our house to us left behind their 10yr old dog they had since it was a puppy. I was so stressed we wouldnt get the house and something bad would happeb to her. We are going to maje her life so good. She will never be left all alone tied to a tree. 😭😢@roodytoots ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) [2018 Remaster] – Kate Bush

But as the narrative unfolded, it was revealed that Molly wasn’t the only one left to fend for herself on the property. A feline friend had also been forsaken by the same owners.


Though initially not as warm and welcoming as Molly, the cat’s gradual introduction to its new family was chronicled, emphasizing the couple’s commitment to making both pets feel loved and secure.

The couple’s decision to focus their TikTok account on updating the world about Molly and her feline counterpart speaks volumes about their dedication and love for these abandoned animals.


Molly is having so much fun with her sisters. This was last week before she got her big shot for her heartworm treatment. Now she’s having to take it easy. She’s doimg really well and is just the goodest girl 😍😍 #dogsarefamilytoo💕 #mollysnewlife #petsarefamily #zoomiessss ♬ In the Mood – Glenn Miller

With every post, it’s evident that Molly and the cat are slowly but surely adjusting to their new surroundings, with Molly especially revelling in the newfound affection she receives daily.

The story serves as a poignant reminder of the responsibility that comes with adopting pets.

It’s a commitment for the lifetime of the animal, not just until circumstances change.


But for Molly and her furry friend, their tale ends on a hopeful note, for they’ve found a family that understands and cherishes this bond.