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Tearful moment: Six-year-old with missing forearm gets bionic arm [Video]



  • Eloise Clark was born with amniotic band syndrome.
  • She burst into tears as she got the good news she’s been waiting for all her life.
  • Her mother Charlotte have raised money they needed for Eloise’s bionic arm, which costs £10,000.

Eloise Clark from England was overcome with emotions as she got the news that she is finally getting a bionic arm!

A heartwarming footage filmed by her mom Charlotte showed Eloise in happy tears, after they learned that their crowdfunding efforts paid off in just about eight days of posting it online.

Eloise was born with amniotic band syndrome, a congenital condition that occurs when the inner layer of the placenta is damaged during pregnancy, causing a restricted blood flow to the baby’s limbs, resulting to deformities or shortened limbs. In Eloise’s case, her left arm ends just below her elbow.

Photo Credit: Eloises journey to her bionic arm/Facebook

Charlotte shared that even with one hand, Eloise managed to get most of her tasks done, such as playing with her toys, eating her meals, and so on.

Although she has learned to live with her condition, Eloise still wished she would have a “real” arm that could help her do things with much ease.

Charlotte wanted as badly for her daughter to have a bionic arm, but since most companies require kids to be at least nine years old to qualify for one, they had to wait a few more years. But one day, they got a call from Open Bionics company that Eloise can have a bionic arm at seven years old!

Photo Credit: Charlotte Clark/GoFundMe

It was a moment of victory and joy for Charlotte and Eloise, but there’s only one drawback: the bionic arm was way too costly for them at £10,000 (about $14,000).

So, a mother had to do what she had to do: Charlotte asked for help through an online fundraising campaign, where she ended up getting more than what she asked for!

When the local news picked up their story, Charlotte received a total of $25,000 in donations from kind strangers. She excitedly went to tell Eloise of the incredible news, and made sure to record her sweet daughter’s reaction.

Photo Credit: Eloises journey to her bionic arm/Facebook

In a viral Facebook video, Eloise showed gratitude, happiness, and utter excitement for what’s to come — thanks to generous people who donated money so she can finally get her dream arm.

Source: Inspire More